Oslo and biomethane team up to bring you crappy public transportation!

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on Feb 4, 2009
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You know what every city, large or small, has a lot of and not much to do with?

Human waste.

Gross, I know, but still a true fact. Oslo, Norway has come up with a solution for dumping (no pun intended) that waste and putting it to a fantastic use.

Instead of letting the waste go to waste, why not have it power the city’s public transit system of buses? Using what is known as biomethane, a by-product of human waste that is broken down by microbes and then fed into a slightly modified engine, the city of Oslo will be able to power approximately 200 of their buses.

The country of Norway has made strives to be carbon neutral by the year 2050, and finding alternative methods of power like this are helping to make that goal a reality. 



Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea that many other cities should take a look into implementing, as well.

Here’s to the crappiest mode of transportation in all of Norway becoming a success!






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