President Obama: how to create 3 million jobs, rebuild a green, modern America, and do so with transparency. Video.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 7, 2009
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“Change never begins from the top, down.”

The campaign and election are over…but our work to rebuild a strong, healthy America that we’re proud of isn’t.

And so, now the work begins…we can’t space out and leave President Barack Obama to get his plan through Washington alone. So watch this 4 minute video wherein Mr. Obama describe his Stimulus Plan, on which so many jobs likely depend. You can do it!

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3 Responses to “President Obama: how to create 3 million jobs, rebuild a green, modern America, and do so with transparency. Video.”

  1. Kev-H says:

    Complete B.S. Even those devoid of business aptitude can recognize that a cost of $300,000 per job is ridiculous. Want to be mindful and considerate of your neighbors? Don’t take money out of their pockets that will serve only to line those of bureaucrats.

    Obama has great potential; let him and your representatives know that you want less government, not more.

  2. Denise Cook says:

    It is so hard to understand “stimulus”. Maybe another name would make the general public understand it better…..

  3. Kristof says:

    Why is Obama fear mongering over this stimulus plan. We’re spending almost a trillion dollars and he’s acting like spending a couple days improving the plan is a BAD thing. I wonder how may favors will be bought by pushing that pork through before anyone can read it.