February 27, 2009

Who do I love? Doreen Hing of Plank, who just gave us shout-out…in Boston Globe!

 Photo: Boston Globe.

VIR. Very Important Reader. Stylish yogini entrepreneur Doreen Hing of Plank comments on articles she reads. She lives the life we’re attempting to discuss and describe. And now she’s returned the web-sites-are-free-to-readers-love with a Huge with a capital “H” shout-out in the Boston Globe, a great old Old Media titan which I used to read when a student at Boston University’s COM.

From today’s Boston Globe…

“All the mats were basically default blue or nasty purple,” the British-born Hing, 42, remembered. “The bags were hippie chic, with Chinese symbols or ‘om’ or ‘breathe’ on them.”

So the former kids shoe designer for Sam & Libby and Mootsies Tootsies put humor where her mat is. She commissioned Christopher Harting to take cheeky photos, which are then screened on recyclable, biodegradable Ecolite material. There’s a mat featuring two handprints in dense shag carpeting – very trompe l’oeil – and a mat that looks like an actual plank of wood, referring, of course, to the yoga pose.

Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Pompeo, and other celebrities have all saluted the sun on Hing’s Plank mats. The South Boston designer also created a line of functional, roomy canvas totes with straps to attach a yoga mat for the fitness enthusiast on the go, and a line of coordinating, candy-colored pony-hair clutches and bags.

People might get a chuckle from the plastic snake in the grass on Hing’s “Cobra” mat, but she hopes her light-hearted designs help make yoga more accessible to the masses and give someone who’s on the fence about yoga the incentive to try it.

“People fall out of poses, people yawn during class,” Hing said, sitting at the kitchen table in her Fort Point home. “It’s not all perfect poses and glamorous people in lululemon.”

Though the designer doesn’t consider herself a trendsetter, per se – “I’m lucky to have friends who introduce me to cool things” – she definitely knows what she likes.

Any de-stressing tips? Really deep breaths. Really breathe in and fill your lungs up and pull your shoulder blades down – I do that at the computer . . . It also gives me a little bit of a longer neck.

Workout music? I like Pandora.com, because I can get different music without thinking too much about it . . . I do have…

…Mac or PC? I’m a PC, but would like to be a Mac. I have an iPhone, though.

Drink of choice? Gin and fizz at Persephone. Or a good old cosmo – it’s so easy to drink. I also like a nice prosecco or champagne.

Favorite eats? I’d like to try Hungry Mother. I like Toro and Myers + Chang.

On Friday night, we’ll find you . . . Early evening, I’ll be at Baptiste yoga studio. Then, we’ll have a drink at Persephone and then have dinner at somewhere we read about in a magazine. We might end up back at Persephone for dessert. When you have kids, you don’t try too many new places for fear of disappointment.

Last play you saw? A British pantomime, “Mother Goose,” in England. We also saw the “Urban Nutcracker.”

Where do you shop? I just killed the 70 percent off sale at the Achilles Project. Barneys. Dress.

Starbucks order? I don’t really like Starbucks. I like a French press coffee. I’ll have a nice espresso.

Last book read? I’m trying to read “Eat, Pray, Love” [by Elizabeth Gilbert]. I’m at “Eat.” I have so many magazines – I flip through a whole load of them. When I’m surfing [the Web], I like to read elephantjournal.com.

What are you so over? DIMPIES [Doting Indulgent Modern Parents]. Modern parents drive me bonkers. This is a call for parents to remember how to be parents.

Describe your style. You’ll rarely see me in black . . . whatever I wear has to be interesting.

One essential piece in your wardrobe? I have an old coat from Marc…

…Here’s the rest.

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