March 7, 2009

Finally! An Eco Space Heater. And it looks cool. GreenUpgrader strikes again.









It may be March, at long last, but it just started snowing outside…and though I’m an Eco Boy of the First Order, or so I’d like to think, I’m sitting in my house blogging and…with central heat on (a low 62, mind you), I’m heating the entire house (though I’ve sat in my office only for two hours).

But what’s that? A bird, a plane, an eco web site?

It’s GreenUpgrader, with a heads up on the above, modern-looking Eco Heater. Excerpt:


Enter the ECO-heater.  With its convection technology, the 24″ x 24″ panel heater takes a room’s cool air and heats it between the heating panel and the wall.  But the most amazing part is that unlike standard space heaters, the ECO-heater doesn’t use a whopping 1500 watts – it uses only 400 watts and it only uses about 4 cents of electricity per hour to operate.  A few other benefits of the ECO-heater include the fact that it’s wall mounted which saves you space.  The heater does get hot to the touch, but unlike other space heaters, its surface temperature only gets up to 165 degrees F which won’t burn.  All this makes it one of the most energy efficient space heaters on the market (now let’s just hope ECO-heater stops sending them in Styrofoam packaging).

But of course, if you do decide to grab yourself an ECO-heater (or another energy efficient space heater like the Holmes Eco-Smart Heater or theSunbeam Low Profile Heater), make sure you...

…for the rest, including peer reviews of the Eco Heater, go to GreenUpgrader.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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