How Cars (don’t) work for you. How Bike Sharing does. Bcycle. Video. Want one? Vote for your City!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 26, 2009
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Why don’t we have Bcycle, or another such bike sharing program in Boulder? Boston? Burlington? Denver does. Even cooler than the brilliant video (with thanks for the tip to Dave Rogers) is the instant city calculator. Enter your zip code and Bcycle will estimate population, health, money savings etc for your city if folks used bike sharing. Then vote!


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7 Responses to “How Cars (don’t) work for you. How Bike Sharing does. Bcycle. Video. Want one? Vote for your City!”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Pat Smith at 9:56am March 25
    This is such a great program. The bikes are fun, and the distances are sooo easy.

    Phil Carter at 9:56am March 25
    A company called intrago here in Boulder is working on an electric bike sharing program

    Waylon Hart Lewis at 10:43am March 25
    Great news, Phil! Have 'em contact me, if you know 'em, we'll write 'em up. 'em, 'em, 'em.

  2. Beercheck,

    Best comment in awhile. Thanks for your thoughts. I had the same concerns, posting the above, but in my enthusiasm figured I'd put 'em aside and just revel in the idea of it.

    In reality, yah, maintenance (which is actually easy, cheap) and particularly vandalism and theft are real problems. That said, I don't hear about problems with rental car companies—so we need to start holding renters accountable to the law, just as we do with other rented items. Have a big deposit fee that you only pay if the bike doesn't come back, stuff like that. It's fixable.

    Velib and others are just doing later adopters a favor by showing us the challenges to be overcome.

  3. Phill C says:

    A company called intrago ( ) is working on a system attached to an individual, so someone is resposible for the bike. I'm not sure how close to operation they are, but hei the site and tell them to hurry it up already

  4. Phil C says:

    PS I'll be at the Fuel Movie at the Boulder theater tomorrow with a table promo-ing the-climb and Green Trucks. Also Intrago is based in Boulder.

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