How much do you love the earth?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 26, 2009
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…Not enough to get one of these phones, when you could get an iPhone or Blackberry or Razr or whatever free cell your phone company is offering you, instead. Not enough to, like this sucker, stick with (Working Assets, now called) Credo (which supports progressive causes and is affordable) for seven years though their phone selection brings new meaning to the word limited.

So how much do we love the earth? Enough to sacrifice functionality in the short-term? My buddy Dave says “Hell, no—sustainability shouldn’t have to involve any sacrifice of business.”

But what about you? Do you love the earth enough to get a green-er phone next time ’round, even if the selection is badly limited? Be honest.

credo phone


Excerpt on some of the phones above:

Motorola W233 Renew: It’s made of recycled plastic, has a “green” name and color, and Moto promises to offset its carbon footprint.
Samsung Blue Earth: There’s a solar charger on the back, the housing is recycled plastic, it comes with a pedometer to measure avoided GHG emissions. And, it’s blue!
Nokia N79 Eco: Comes in black or white with no charger (use your old one!), in smaller packaging, and includes a donation to the WWF...for the rest of the article, click here.


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5 Responses to “How much do you love the earth?”

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  2. nancycompton says:

    Waylon – that is a tough call. I have worked with the guys at Working Assets and am a believer in supporting the earth and good causes to the tune of some discomfort. But the lack of true smartphone support is tough as it has an impact on how one interacts with the world on a daily (maybe even minute by minute) basis. When the devices and coverage improve, it is a no brainer to go greener, even at a cost.

  3. Ben Ellingson says:

    The solar charging idea is great. I don't want a "smart" phone… strip it down to the most basic simple phone that places calls, sends text messages, and charges itself. That would be very practical.

  4. innappropriate yogi says:

    To me, green begins with simplification. A solar charger is a nice compliment, but a pedometer is unnecessary (I don't need numbers to relay how green my ego is). And the Nokia…what if I need a charger?! Then I have to buy one and waste that packaging. If there is any unnecessary packaging for any cell phones, they should get rid of it just because, and not label it green. "Green" seems to be a ploy to the ego in most cases.

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