March 26, 2009

If Google were physical, not virtual.

Via Good Magazine comes our second coolest visual blog of the week. (The first coolest is here, slideshow via Heather Mueller). What if Google were everywhere, physically, that our online searches go? Via Good:


Taking our ubiquitous searches to the physical world

The Brazilian Italian artist Fillipo Minelli wrote to us about his interest in “exploring the gap between real life and the 2.0 world.” In an effort to come to terms with that schism, he’s attempting to show what the physical world “could look like if Google, the most successful ephemeral company, started being something real and tangible in everyday life—with all its Google-Whatever applications.” The results are the beautiful, jarring, and sometimes humorous images you see here.

Now, click here for 20 cool interesting “photos.”

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Read 2 comments and reply

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