Kite Power.

Via Saraswati J.
on Mar 27, 2009
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by Sarah Janelle Miller

Kite power is the newest concept in wind generated power. Check out this article from Kite Gen (a Milan based company) for a radical approach to power plants:

“Kite Gen vision is to implement and market an entirely new concept of power plant, suitable to almost any territory, for the production from renewable source of electrical energy cheaper than from fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, gas), directly competing with present day conventional GigaWatt installations.

The energy source, currently untapped and available anywhere, is the powerful altitude wind of the troposphere, channeled through arrays of large tethered power kites cruising at an altitude of 800 / 1 000 m, whose movements are electronically controlled by highly sophisticated sensors and proprietary software.

The power kites are…”

To get the whole environmental scoop and check out what kite wind power can do to change the way we see and use clean energy, go to the Kite Gen website.

[Big thanks to Matt Ahearn for the link.]


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