March 12, 2009

elephantjournal.com review: Core Fusion’s “Body Sculpt” DVD [Exhale, Acacia]

This mini-workout kicked my ass—just about literally.

I consider myself in good shape as a gym goer, hiker, super mom, dance teacher in training, occasional yogini and pilates lady… but this DVD is no joke. There’s no cardio, all toning, without the use of anything more than a three pound weight. My legs were shaking, buns burning and abs blazing.

I didn’t feel it the next day—which means anyone can enjoy it. Still, it was challenging. The DVD is neatly packaged into five ten-minute workouts, so I can do one at a time if that’s all my neurotically hectic schedule can handle. Or, I can do the routines from memory, as they are not that complicated.

A little constructive criticism: the cover of the DVD, a practically bare, perfect bum, is perfectly obnoxious. The music is the usual “electronica in a can” variety, pretty boring.

The supportive voices of Fred and Elizabeth, our friendly workout leaders, are constantly reminding the viewer to adjust alignment, posture and be mindful of the breath—helpful when I’m panting my way through a plie. The stretching at the end is nice, and overall I think this is a great video to help tone and strengthen the body while increasing awareness of breath and presence.

I highly recommend it.

~ review via Hannah Kinderlehrer 

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