What does one trillion dollars look like?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 26, 2009
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The economy is, uh, important. Thing is, I’ve never had more than, say, a couple thousand bucks in my account at any given time. The house I own is, uh, owned by the bank. So I don’t get what it feels like to have, or hold, or even see a million dollars. But maybe, just maybe, I could guess. I know I’m happy to try, and I plan on finding out in the near-term (don’t we all, Americans?).

Still, I could never imagine what a trillion dollars looks like. And when we’re talking Bush’s national debt, and AIG, and Stimulus, and more debt…it’d be nice to have some sense of just what we’re talking about. 

Lo and behold, the god of the internet hears you ask and it shall provide. Click on the photo below.

trillion dollars

With thanks for the tip to /ecowarriorr on Twitter.


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