April 23, 2009

Crazy Huge boingboing.net does…a yoga mat review. Prana Revolution.

You know the world’s getting hip to greening our habits, and taking care of our laptopasana-bent bodies, when uber-cool-for-school Boing Boing is doing an eco yoga mat review. So what’s their favorite mat?

You guessed it: the prAna Revolution, which I sorta (haven’t actually used one, yet) reviewed a week or two back.

So what’s the big deal? Boing Boing is an Everest-mighty e-publication that makes elephantjournal.com’s web traffic look like Boulder’s low-sloping foothills. Getting a shout-out from such a popular web site is akin to God reaching down and touching Adam’s finger…it’s the kind of web event that send 5 kajillion (to get technical) new readers your way, and that Google sits up and takes notice of. More importantly, Boing Boing’s review will give a jump start to the greening of yoga practice everywhere—why, only a few years ago there weren’t any good green option. Now there’s Jade, Manduka’s eKo, and prAna.

Boing Boing is worth following on twitter—which I did since seeing the above review (click image for complete review of prAna, and be sure to read all the snarky comments). I encourage all you greenies and yogaers and Buddhoids to do the same. Why? Good. Writing. 

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Read 3 comments and reply

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