April 13, 2009

The story behind the Rocky Mountain Yoga Conference: by Lauren E. Brand.

 “ So,” I asked Waylon, courageous editor of elephant journal, “can you cover the Rocky Mountain Yoga Conference?”

“Sure…,” he said, “…let’s hear about your experience as one of the creators. Yeah: let’s hear from you.”

“Uhhh. O.K.”

Honestly, accepting responsibility for the conference initially felt as though someone suddenly handed me her baby, and said: “would you mind holding her?” and then walked away. And with no time to think, to mind or not, I suddenly found myself confronted with a baby who could either scream or smile; it was all dependent on my next move.

Everyone’s peace suddenly depended on me?

Please, oh, please, come take your baby back!

So here I am, director of the Rocky Mountain Yoga Conference. My initial reaction of apprehension and struggle had to go, otherwise nothing would get done. It took some work to shift my mindset to one of confidence and joy. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the work that needed to get done, I learned to immerse myself in play. Everything became easier.

 The process of creating this event has put me in touch with a dedicated, dynamic group of people and helped me develop a deeper awareness of the importance of Yoga in every aspect of my life. Getting to know some of the presenters, volunteers, sponsors and vendors inspires me as I look toward the future. It has been said that the people you surround yourself with and the activities you do today influence what you will be doing in five years. Discover for yourself. Come join us to have fun, be inspired, lift your spirits and change the “work” of self-care to the “play” of self-creation.

I am proud to say we have an incredible line up of workshops that make this event different from existing yoga conferences. In addition to fabulous yoga instructors, a variety of talented wellness practitioners, live music, and specialty classes, teach us even more ways to create optimal health. Our goal in creating this conference was to illuminate the resources that make inner power accessible to all.

The Weekend:


6pm Dinner

Ariana Saraha and Megan Yalkut:  Live Music


All day: Kids Camp with Erika Hohn and Erin Bowman Watkins


Richard Rosen: Morning Meditation


Geri Bleier

River Cummings: Intro to Viniyoga

Alison Litchfield: Awaken your Spine

Monica Gully: Peace Within

Annie Richards: Foot Therapy


Shannon Paige Schneider: Prana Flow

Richard Rosen: Modern Energy Channels

Christina Sell: Arm Balances for Everyone

Chanda and Crystal Hinton: Adapting Yoga for People with Disabilities

Brigitte Mars: Food as Medicine


Sue Beck: Withstanding the Pressure of Time

Katyayani Poole: Feeling the Alphabet of the Body

Bear Tobin: Bear Yoga

Dr. Eliza Klearman: Everyday Rituals for a Healthier You

Anthony Bogart: Therapy for Neck and Shoulders (3—6)


r.r. Shakti and Christopher of the Wolves: Gratitude and Grace

Dave Farmar: Introduction to Baptist Power Vinyasa Yoga

Makaan Burt: Restorative Stone Yoga

Cathy Zeeb: Peace amidst Chaos

 8:00—10:30pm Rhythm Sanctuary: Live Music and Dancing


Kids Camp all Day with Erika Hohn and Erin Watkins Bowman


Richard Rosen: Morning Meditation


Richard Rosen: Introduction to Pranayama

Dr. Nicolas Bitz: Aryuvedic Self Care For Yogis

Anthony Bogart: Co-Creation Meditation

Noella Roselena: 13 Chakras

Wendi Buick: Yoga with Cancer Treatment


Dave Farmar: Turning Fear Upside Down

Alison Litchfield: Ignite your Inner Fire

Christina Sell: Backbends and Beyond

Lauren Brand: Cleansing Patterns of the Past

Brigitte Mars: Color Therapy


Sue Beck: Yoga for Tolerance

LeeAnn Heinbaugh: Intuition for Everyday

Geri Bleier: Sweat Your Heart Open

Aaron King: King Yoga

Justine Sanchez: Yoga Para Niño and Yoga en Espanol.

 All workshops are available à la carte at $40 per class. $165 for all day Saturday and Sunday. Or purchase a day pass for $95. To register go online: www.rockymountainyoga.org

 As we get closer to the event, the excitement of the presenters, volunteers, sponsors and vendors builds. The energy of this event rises like a tsunami. As you will see, this conference is a convergence of minds to create opportunities for learning, networking and study; it is also a festival: a community celebration, a gathering of spirit, a lively congregation! Let yourself be carried in its current!-L.E.B

For more information: www.rockymountainyoga.org


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