Effective Communication: The Main Obstacle in Solving Our World’s Dilemmas? [Ken Wilber & Ode Magazine.]

Via Saraswati J.
on Apr 15, 2009
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by Sarah Miller

This morning over breakfast, I was paging through the latest, greatest Ode Magazine, wishing they would go paperless (and wondering why I keep getting complimentary copies in the mail) when I came to an article called “Speaking in Tongues.”  Ode’s editor, Jurriaan Kamp, travels to Denver for an interview with Ken Wilber in order to discuss the state of the world and his perspective on how to solve the dilemmas facing our world.

The two page article gives a bit of background on the accomplished theologist, Ken Wilber, and some of his work, and discusses his latest thoughts and ideas. He states: “The general message is that humanity evolves through a series of unfolding stages, beginning with simple survival and moving into an enlightened spiritual experience…The flow is from ‘me’ to ‘us’ to ‘all of us.’ Along the way, people and cultures move through distinct stages with distinct values.”

We have to understand these various values and also the expression of those values in order to effectively communicate to diverse cultures and differences. In essence, “universal translation” is essential but is currently missing from our attempts to reorganize the globe. We need this essential link in order to get the job done. “The world needs to come to terms with different value systems. Development goes in stages and there is nothing we can do about that. We need to create social organizational structures that take [these stages] into account.”

I especially like his example of Al Gore trying to spread the message of Global Warming. Though climate issues affect every person on the planet, according to Wilber Al Gore unknowingly is using communication techniques that resonate with only about 20% of the world. It will be extremely difficult to reach the majority of the world’s population with these current tactics. He cites using the feudal clan systems that dominate African culture to help communicate the climate issues to them. And, “…Hindus may change their behavior to honor Gaia rather than in response to rational self-interest.”

It stands to reason that this methodology and purposeful thought is essential, yet also lacking, in our current plan of global action. Everything from politics to religious clashes could be helped. It will take take We, the People to perfect an effective manner of communication appropriate for our leaders in order to help them hear the message.

Check out the April issue of Ode Magazine for the full article.

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4 Responses to “Effective Communication: The Main Obstacle in Solving Our World’s Dilemmas? [Ken Wilber & Ode Magazine.]”

  1. Ann says:

    It makes such sense that our way of communicating could make the difference in how we are heard. Ken Wilbur's Integral Theories are well worth using in a world where being understood can literally mean we perish or we survive.

    Here's more. http://www.integralinstitute.org/

  2. When I interviewed Lester Brown, he said media was THE key to educating and inspiring action…to getting out of the problems we find ourselves in. As Einstein said, we can't think our way out of the problems we created with…you know the quote.

    I can't help but note, that while I have great respect and admiration for Ken Wilber, having known him slightly for more than 15 years (back when I worked for Shambhala Publications in Boston, and here in Boulder)…and while I agree that Gore is only reaching 20% of the world…well Ken is only reaching .00000001% of the world. So it's strange that, knowing he wouldn't mind having some best sellers and movies under his belt, he's ready to give advice to a master. Gore himself knows that he's the wrong vehicle (too partisan in folks' minds) for the news on Climate Change…that's why he spends so much time training others to do so.

  3. sj* says:

    yes, elephantjournal, i agree, this is a valid point you bring up. i thought it was an interesting "angle" though and one that i hadn't really considered my self. i often inwardly think long and hard on how i said something or why i said it a certain way, often to realize i could have said it better or listened more to the other person yadda yadda. i think in our world, we have to learn so much more about others than we [think we] do in order to effectively communicate or to bridge any gaps. as always, i think it's going to take 6.5 billion ways to get the job done. ie: each one of us doing our part…..