It’s just like buying a candy bar.

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on Apr 19, 2009
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60 Minutes: Obama, Background Checks, Outgunned Police and ‘Reasonable’ Gun Control vs. NRA, Assault Weapons, Columbine & Virginia Tech.

This is what TV could be, all the time. Quality, investigative, fair and balanced—truly—yet with a distinct point of view. 

60 Minutes, which my first love’s stepdad used to watch religiously back in high school, is a TV tradition or lineage that would do Edward R. Murrow proud. Tonight I happened to watch it for one of the first times in awhile…and three programs in a row blew me away.

The first, on Gun Control vs. the Gun Lobby, showed that Obama’s support of reasonable gun control—making assault weapons illegal once again, so as to keep our streets and the police who watch over them safer—is met with vehement resistance in many parts of the country including Virginia—where the mentally ill or a felon can walk into a gun show and, without showing ID, buy 15 guns including ammo in as many minutes. 

As the NRA loves to say, it’s true that guns don’t kill people—people kill people. That said, for those who remember Columbine, Virginia Tech or a too long list of other recent gun-related tragedies, guns sure do make it easy for people to kill people. 


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And here’s an anti Gun Control video:


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4 Responses to “It’s just like buying a candy bar.”

  1. John W. Otis says:

    Yes, we need our assault weapons to protect us against the bad guys who have assault weapons. How did the bad guys get the assault weapons? With the help of the NRA who fight all forms of gun control legislation including attempts to shut down the gun shows where anyone can buy these.

  2. Joseph Boquiren says:

    Guns are weapons of mass destruction. If one REALLY needs to harm someone else, do it with one's bare hands. THAT takes guts.

  3. Taylor says:

    DepartDOJ did a review of the effects on the assault weapons ban, and decided that among other things assault weapons were used so rarely in crime that it simply wasn't worth all of the hullabaloo.
    If you want gun control, it needs to be aggressive, pervasive, all-inclusive and long-term. Think maybe that's why so many are against it?

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