April 10, 2009

Ken Wilber stars in The Matrix DVD.

Yes, it’s true—Ken Wilber, perhaps the greatest philosopher alive today, has been tapped for a starring role on the Matrix 10 Year Anniversary DVD (yes, time flies).

While he’s not dodging any slow-rippling bullets or downing any red pills, he’s doing what he does best—thinking, then talking (as opposed to my speciality: talking then thinking). We all know there’s some whacky Wachowski deep thoughts behind the green number waterfull…after all, at least with the first flick, we all loved the Matrix more than your average action flicks precisely because, for all the spoon-bending, black vinyl and everpresent sunglasses the Matrix echoed, and set off our present reality so skillfully.

Excerpt via one review:

…Normally, I just plow through the trailers and audio commentary section, but in the case ofThe Matrix on Blu-ray special consideration is deserved. Your first audio commentary choice is a virtual Philosophy 101 lecture about the ideas presented in The Matrix taught by Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber – it’s really interesting for newcomers but not quite meaty enough for anyone more versed in deep thinking. The second commentary comes from film critics Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson – this is somewhat obnoxious…read the rest here.

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