April 5, 2009

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche pulls out of elephant journal dot com’s Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis.

Due to planning conflicts that are entirely my responsibility, I’m sorry to pass along the news that Sakyong Mipham won’t make our talk show. We normally only have two first tier guests, and that’s now what we’ve got: John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga and Yoga Journal cover boy; and Hosea Rosenberg, “it” chef of the moment after winning Bravo’s nationally televised “Top Chef” competition. With Paper Bird, top Colorado band closing off the night, it still should be a sold-out show.

That said, I’m sincerely sorry to those who have bought tickets hoping to see Sakyong Mipham. Refunds are of course available at Boulder Theater dot com. Also, I’m sorry we won’t have an amazing video of Rinpoche—I will try and find someone else to fill his slot, but they’ll be hard shoes to fill.

As for why this happened, it’s basically a result of the inherent conflict between scheduling important guests on the same night—it’s next to impossible to nail down one date with only a months’ notice, then try and get other first tier guests to commit to same date. The Sakyong had wanted to be on our talk show at the same time as Congressman Polis, Senator Udall, Gov. Ritter or Mayor Hickenlooper, ideally—and while three of the four said yes, none of them could make May 6 (votes in Washington, etc.). So while John Friend is a big, wonderful deal, the mix of Buddhism and yoga was considered to be less spark-y by the Sakyong’s representative.

The fault is entirely mine, I apologize to you all for the last minute change—I have invited a tech business panel including Brad Feld, Kimbal Musk, Robert Reich, others…to fill in…also the new President of Naropa…and Dr. Reggie Ray. We’ll see if we get a third guest or panel—in any case we already have the talk show standard two guests and a band, plus ecofashion, expo and afterparty—so we’re good to go. 

PS: Boulder Ballet will perform a preview of their Beauty and the Beast, and we’ll show a preview of The Cove, as well.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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