Sex Sells—Yoga.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 20, 2009
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Fourth in a Series: This is What Effective Advertising Looks Like.

Kathryn Budig is blond (usually). She’s unusually lovely—like Seane Corn, she’s a yoga teacher built for American media. She’s accessible, fun, friendly, down to earth—and sexy.

Particularly with her clothes off. It’s news to no one that sex sells. In fact, it’s advertising’s oldest adage.

And so, in a crowded advertising market, Toesox (100% organic cotton, we like)—and Hard Tail, but that’s another story—have doubled down on yoga and raised you sex.

Still, sexual appeal can be a turn off when your market is 85% women—it can come off as cheap, sleazy, patriarchal, shallow, frivolous—something you don’t want to do with a demographic that would never call itself a demographic, but prefers community, kula, sangha.

Yoga practitioners, by and large, regard yoga as something more than exercise, and something less than religion. So it’s a tricky market to win with an ad, when said market has, by and large, got mixed feelings when it comes to commercializing their practice, and consumption generally.

November 2010 Toesox Ad in Yoga Journal

That’s where Jasper Johal comes in. A photographer with an eye for the naked human form that goes beyond lech and harkens back to art class—to greco-roman appreciation for form and beauty—his photos capture a stillness and exertion that lies at the heart of yoga practice. He and Kathryn (and Toesox, it seems) are of their demographic—so they can go out on a limb with conventionally outrageous advertising that offends no yogi and catches the eye of every reader.


And that’s…what effective advertising looks like.


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14 Responses to “Sex Sells—Yoga.”

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  8. MeThatWho says:

    The nudity in the JJ yoga images is incredible. Any group that deems them exploitation in any way just needs to get over themselves. Those images are fine art. Far too many people are just hung up and self absorbed with their PC nonsense. Truly those pics are a celebration of beauty.

  9. Graham says:

    I really like the toesox ads. They also make me more interested in learning about yoga. I don’t see the harm in the ads. They are very grateful and not at all pornographic. The naked human form can be extremely beautiful as artists throughout time have found. Yay Toesox and Kathryn Budig! Don’t let the killjoys deter your artistic creativity.

  10. Graham says:

    Autocorrect strikes again. That grateful should have been tasteful.

  11. Uh-uh. says:

    I like the toesox ads as well, though it looks like that woman has no vulva. I still would never buy toesox.
    And Waylon, really, no, advertising that is just a little less porno but still limited to displaying female bodies is not "effective. Get off it. You really do need some feminist education, dude.

  12. kiddingme? says:

    whoring yoga now is it? what next in the usa??

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