What inspires…Micah Baldwin, Brad Feld, Jeremy Tanner, David Cohen, Andrew Hyde, Matt Galligan?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 11, 2009
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andrew hyde, brad feld, micah baldwin

What inspires the titans of Boulder Tech? The answers might surprise you. Surprisingly timeless, old-fashion, even touching, these little unseen youtube gems reflect the values behind some of the folks at the forefront of a new generation of tech.

Micah Baldwin, Brad Feld, Jeremy Tanner (Penguin), Andrew Hyde, Matt Galligan, David Cohen.

Micah Baldwin: Failure. Passion. Love:

Penny for your thoughts, Brad Feld? Inspiration: ambition, leadership, getting outside as a means for renewal of vision, gung-ho glass-half-full joie de vivre:

David Cohen: the passion and energy of entrepreneurs and startups; mentors; community,

Jeremy Tanner: laughter; fresh air; awesome friends:

Andrew Hyde: creativity; backpacking/climbing/rafting…being outside; Boulder and community

Matt Galligan: his brother’s outlook in the face of difficulty; his junior high school teacher; adventure; music; inspiring excellence of the Boulder community


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5 Responses to “What inspires…Micah Baldwin, Brad Feld, Jeremy Tanner, David Cohen, Andrew Hyde, Matt Galligan?”

  1. micah says:

    I was asked to put this project together by Intel. They have an group called IntelInspires, where they are collecting many videos around what inspires people to do what they do. Here is the site: http://www.inspiredbyeducation.com/

    I dont know much of Buddhism, and therefore cant really speak to the Buddhist perspective, but what I found interesting with the project was the commonality of inspiration among people that have done interesting things. People that are inspired by other people seem to achieve more. People that derive their inspiration solely from a desire to make a lot of money or "achieve" (what does that mean?) dont go as far.

    anyway, thought I would provide a bit of background.

  2. Java1Guy says:

    Just curious, anybody have comments on the Buddhist perspective on this? I'll have to noodle on the videos for a while to see if I come up with anything… But great project Waylon, and thanks to all the video makers! I did recently listen to an interesting podcast over on buddhistgeeks (<a href=”http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/236-buddhis…” target=”_blank”>http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/236-buddhis… regarding Buddhism and money – some overlap with the comments of these guys.

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