May 27, 2009

Bike Sales 2008: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly. And the Inspiring.

From Treehugger, the Good:

While news of the four-wheel variety remains bleak with news that GM is on the brink of bankruptcy, news for the two wheel set is mostly good. In fact, more bicycles were bought in the first quarter of 2009 than cars and trucks. That’s change I can believe in.

The Bad:

As Dennis Markatos points out, the news isn’t all good. Overall, bicycle sales are down 30 percent for the year, yet the news that bikes are outperforming cars warms my heart. In total, around 2.6 million bicycles were sold, compared to less than 2.5 million cars and trucks.

The Ugly: spare the lives of otherwise-abused, short-lived trees, don’t park your bike on a tree! Instead, pressure your local government to add lockable tree guards or other additonal bicycle parking.

The Inspiring: from Bike Portland (photo at top, click <–link for slideshow). Every city should do this in high traffic spots, get 12 commuters in one parking spot.


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