Boulder: Greening your Office begins with a (free) eco-audit.

Via Jayson Gaddis
on May 22, 2009
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In Boulder? Want to know a great way to be green and save money for your small (or medium-sized) business? Talk with R.J. Mastic of Boulder’s Green Office Ideas and he’ll do a free eco-audit for your office.

During an eco audit a consultant takes about 45 minutes to completely assess your office to find different ways to improve current business practices.  After the assessment you will be offered a few recommendations to help you start saving money, increase efficiency, and operate a more sustainable office.

Many people believe that it will cost money upfront to implement sustainable business practices—which is why Green Office Ideas works with customers from the start to save money. In tough economic times and with changing legislation, every office could benefit by saving money and implementing more sustainable business practices.

Watch this short video and meet Co-Founder R.J. describing how Green Office Ideas can help.

Green Office Ideas is a Boulder based company that helps lead customers to a more sustainable future by implementing simple, sustainable and affordable solutions.


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