May 10, 2009

Economy Collapses, Organic sales go up 17%. Come again?

When times are tight, Americans dump luxury yuppie extragances like caring for our health, and our earth. Right? Wrong: organics are now nearly 4% of all food sales in the US of A—and are growing fast, despite our popped-bubble economy.

Yup, it’s true. Food sales went up 15+ percent, and bodycare sales went up nearly 40%. Excerpt:

The survey, conducted by Lieberman Research Group on behalf of OTA, measured the growth of U.S. sales of organic foods and beverages as well as non-food categories such as organic fibers, personal care products and pet foods during 2008. Results show organic food sales grew in 2008 by 15.8 percent to reach $22.9 billion, while organic non-food sales grew by an astounding 39.4 percent to reach $1.648 billion. As a result, organic food sales now account for approximately 3.5 percent of all food product sales in the United States.

For more, as well as a list of foods that are most essential to buy organic, and a list on which are safe to buy conventional (if your health, and not our environment, is your concern), go to Maura Judkis’ report at US News.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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