NPR Fondles Monsanto. [Petition]

Via Saraswati J.
on May 29, 2009
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picture-114by Sarah Miller

Oh you haven’t heard?! Your fuzzy, sweet little “public” radio station is getting monetary support from some of the largest corporations in the world. I’ve heard the GE commercials before and shuddered, but when I caught Marketplace’s blatant advertisement of Monsanto the other day, I gagged. Furthermore they used their name in the same sentence as “sustainable” and “feeding the world’s population.”

If hundreds of Indian farmers committing suicide because of this evil corporation, doesn’t move you to question this poisonous beast, then you might want to question if your heart is made of lead or not. The research against biotech foods is overwhelming. (Research not funded by this corporate giant or the government of course.) This unnatural and dangerous food science experimentation is no way to feed the world, let alone a village.

The biggest reason I don’t support NPR, and choose only to offer my meager yoga instructor salary spare change to real grassroots radio stations like Pacifica, is purely for this factor. NPR is no more public radio than Fox News is public news. If Monsanto is offering their financial blessings to the station, might there be some strings attached? We’ve heard about their letter to Michelle, using scare tactics on farmers and their overall negligence in the US and around the world.

Please check the Organic Consumer Association’s petition site or send a fax directly to Monsanto expressing your concerns. In addition, let’s let NPR know why this is not acceptable. Contact them!


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9 Responses to “NPR Fondles Monsanto. [Petition]”

  1. Ann says:

    The NPR/ Monsanto ad is quoted on the Organic Consumer Association's website. The 12 second spot reads…

    "Marketplace is supported by Monsanto, committed to sustainable agriculture, creating hybrid and biotech seeds designed to increase crop yields and conserve natural resources." Learn more at

    Sign OCAs letter to American Public Media, creator of the NPR ad

  2. *sk says:

    Thank you. Crops that don't produce seeds. Like baby boys who don't produce sperm. Does this SOUND like a good idea?

  3. As someone who operates a "mindful" media company, I can say that NPR is forced to take such BS support because all the people who love NPR don't support it. is free, as is NPR. However, the production isn't free. If an SUV company wanted to advertise on elephant, and I wasn't getting support from our readers, I'd be forced to accept. The best way to cut out Monsanto bullshit is to support.

  4. sj* says:

    though i see your point elephantjournal, i disagree. there are plenty of examples of grassroots media outlets scraping it together, getting individual donations and making it work- keeping their principles in check in the process. Pacifica is a stringent example of this. they actually do it in HOUSTON, TEXAS. every year getting only fiscal support from the people and for years have upheld their brilliant values.
    i was reminded this morning by my friend/station manager james moore, that another great example of this type of media is through low powered, open source radio outlets like who are not only local, but grass roots and entirely community supported. using open source software and creative commons labels insures that things stay ligit. they are of course not for profit, which may be the direction that conscious media needs to take in order to get their priorities straight.
    if we don't uphold our values and vision and stand up for our highest ideals, who will?? as ninety-four-year-old Ken Hechler said the other day on DN!, it's times like these that call for extremism. call me an extremist or an idealist but these are mos. def. the times we live in.

  5. pubic radio fan says:

    Just a point of clarification…Marketplace is produced by American Public Media, which is not NPR. APM produces independent radio programming, and while many of their shows are carried on stations that also carry NPR programs, they are not related. And whatever you do, please don't blame the messenger…withholding support from your local public radio station is NOT an effective way to get the message across to NPR, APM, or any other programming provider. All that does is hinder the local stations ability to provide more local content.

    Do let APM know that you resent hearing Monsanto as a sponsor (as I do). And make your feelings known to the local station, when you make a pledge. They will pay attention…and they'll send your message on to the people who need to hear it.

    But withholding a pledge just makes it that much harder for public stations to provide an alternative to the vast wasteland that is most commercial radio.

  6. liz brown says:

    I would rather my public radio not be tarnished by monsanto. However, i think if public radio can take monsanto money away from monsanto and robin hood it into the incredible and thoughtful programming it provides, i might be able to tolerate it. (Although that doesn't usually happen). In this case, NPR/APM TOTALLY dropped the ball and should NEVER have allowed the advert to falsely claim that GMO technology is sustainabile agriculture. That just disgusts me.

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