Stuart Davis: Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll. [In Boulder Last Night.]

Via Saraswati J.
on May 16, 2009
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picture-4by Sarah Miller

I usually am the last one to hear about things. Then I catch on and feel like I “discovered” something new, only to realize that everyone and their Uncle Joe already has a clue. Whoops!

picture-53Stuart Davis is probably that kind of stumble upon scenario. Since I just heard him on NPR this morning discussing his new show, I’m obviously getting on board a bit late in the scene:

“Zen Buddhist-indie rocker Stuart Davis is launching a new comedy series: Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. Season One of this ground-breaking tv show debuts April 26 on HDNet across the U.S. and Canada. Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll is written, directed, and hosted by Stuart Davis, and features edgy humor from the open-hearted maniac….”

Maybe folks can finally handle intelligent, witty humor that still holds taboo topics and crass vulgarity hostage and adds spice with enlightened spiritual mumbo jumbo?! Maybe the world has taken a new form and has suddenly risen from their dark, sleepy slumber?!

Or as Davis says himself: “I hope somewhere a Unicorn is giving a Pegasus a rusty trombone on a silver cloud.” (Whoah did he say that outloud?!)

A decent fellow, who appears to be up to no good, but with a stashy sense of disturbing wit, provocative humor and intense talent. Just the way I like it. picture-62

Stuart Davis just performed last night at the Boulder Theater. Hope you got a chance to see him before he becomes a complete untouchable.


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One Response to “Stuart Davis: Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll. [In Boulder Last Night.]”

  1. ndsmith says:

    Heard the interview on Saturday with Scott Simon. I immediately thought of the elephantjournal community, and Waylon's ideas for Boulder reality show, etc. I love the blend of spirituality and irreverence.