May 22, 2009

Targeting the profound: Who do you listen to?

Targeting the profound: Who do you listen to?


Mercury has been retrograde for a while now; therefore time to reflect is the best way to integrate to our natural planetary design. A pause into the flow of constant productivity is

welcome in order to harmonize our energies. So, these last couple of weeks instead of writing I’ve been out in the world; on the world, at the world, with the world; Walking it, breathing it, connecting with it, loving it; Meditating about it. To say the least, the many things that happened to me and around me shine a light on us, People.


People are People. Peter Gabriel said it.  I bring Peter Gabriel up because one of the things I heard (from people) during these worldly days is that Peter Gabriel is a Prophet.


Let’s imagine that Peter Gabriel in fact is a prophet to humanity and that these are the times for us to listen to his word: People are people. Here comes the Flood. The washing of the waters. Don’t give up. I hold the light. These are pretty profound words. Now, remember, as far as creation, almost every spiritual practice believes that creation manifested from the WORD.


I also heard that we people, can fly, and that smiley faces are not appropriate in the Corporate world.




Who is the corporate world? People.


In the Corporate world of today, people spend all day in front of a computer, communicating through E-mails. For some reason, Corporate World (people) believe that seriousness brings confidence to the client about the work that is been done. Being impersonal and disconnected from yourself and others, they (people) believe, is the most productive way to be and create a successful impact on the business being dealt with. Usually in the Corporate World the kind of job that is being done is not of creative nature and People complain about the stress it brings into their lives.


At the same time, research about the healing properties of smiling and its effect on our health and wellness prove over and over again that Stress is the number one cause of disease, illness and disorder; and joy is recommended in all moments to relax and all kinds of practices (yoga, martial arts, painting, meditation, swimming, etc) are offered as tools to release tension. Producing endorphins can go a long way. I know it, you know it, and they know it. But the “Corporate world” (according to People) demands to keep joy out of the equation, or you come across as not professional enough, as if seriousness was the tool to business success. Then I think of some of the most successful business men, respected by people, who as a tool use joy to succeed. Go Obama.


These days I’ve also heard that altered states of mind are essential to the assimilation of multidimensional realities and that substances – natural or per lab design- that create a chemistry reaction in the brain – therefore affecting our bodies and vibrations- are a blessing (to people) and they help us reach a higher understanding of the self and its relation to the Universe. After considering the whole alphabet of chemistry: E, GHB, THC, 2CB, DMT, MTm, LSD, liberty cap and OH : in my experience the chemistry that I’ve found more enlightening as far as divine altered states of mind is the one created by Meditation.

Yes, people are people. You, I, we, US. We are in a quantum physics era, in which we as people are becoming aware that what we believe is what we create. Therefore, to choose carefully what we believe is a key factor. Questioning others is and should be an essential part of the process, yes, but questioning ourselves should be a daily practice. Being aware of the power of word and how it directly affects us is the real bonding with the Earth. Some choose to listen to the corporate world, some choose to listen to Jesus, some choose to listen to Buddha, some listen to Obama, some listen to Peter Gabriel and some listen to YOU.

Be very attentive to those who want to make a difference in the world, very attentive to those who think they KNOW the Truth, pay attention to what they say, assimilate it and remind yourself that Truth, as Time, is Relative. Those who hold the truth as an exclusive heritage are on the first step in the right path of self-discovery, in their way to realization and enlightening, and what a beautiful gateway when it the body and the mind understand that there is no one Truth and at the same time the Truth is only one…at the end all that we know as certain is change. Everything changes, moment by moment and if we are to define only one thing as true it would be our own impermanence, maybe therefore our (us people) obsession with transcendence.

When it comes to Peter Gabriel…I would probably pay attention to the song that made him famous so I relate to the PEOPLE. Beware when your truth only relates to few (people).

As far as Smiley Faces, I would say: STAY HAPPY, happy is good, happy is health, happy is joy and Joy is the foundation of wellness. Joy is the key to success.

As far as altered states of mind…I will remind myself over and over again that to abstain from all intoxicants is one of the noble vows and part of the 5 Precepts required to establish yourself in Meditation, and since Meditation has proven to be the best path to balance the chemistry of my brain and bring real peace, real happiness, I probably have done enough research into the alphabet for now.

Basic principals like the yin and yang remind me that as soon as you reach the extreme of light, darkness starts, as soon as you get to one extreme the high turns into a low. The most important quality to hold on to is our AWARENESS.

As far as flying…let’s do it!

Dear Elephants, when targeting the profound: Who do you listen to? Who do you follow? If you are one of those shinny people that wants to be listened to, please beware of messiah complex and have more confidence in the intelligent creative power of the Universe, accept your humanity, surrender your ego  (I actually believe humans being part of creation and not the creators of the Universe have only the power to destroy or create humanity…to think we can destroy or create the Universe seems too presumptuous to me since we are after all mainly ignorant about why we are here and how the universe was created, all we defend as reality about it are all but theories that time seems to prove false more often than not). Release control, and with equanimity accept this truth: You are I, We Live and We die. Stay happy.

At the end, it is not as important to realize who you listen to as it is to remember it is all about UNITY – ONE SELF – ONE UNVERSE. US.




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