May 21, 2009

What to do about an ear infection without going to doctor? Home remedies.

Ah, the communal wonders of Facebook. I got bit by a spider or something on my ear a week ago, and then scratched the bite, and it got infected, and now my ear is the size of a pear. So, yesterday, I updated my status on Facebook. 

Waylon Hart Lewis has a weird ear infection and hopes reading Dwell in hot bath will help it.

Ironically, I just worked and then walked my dog, didn’t have time to take a bath. Came back and this morning had a bunch of great, natural suggestions. Names, photos and links have been deleted to protect the guilty (folks get mad at me sometimes when I make everything that happens in my life public, even if it is public on facebook!).

Suggestions (of course these are for inner ear infections).

a hot bath helps everything
at 1:59pm May 20
warm olive oil with a little garlic in it may too and it feels great
 at 1:59pm May 20
garlic oil helps.
at 2:01pm May 20
goldenseal in ear and in body
get yo neck and cranials adjusted! relieve the pressure build up!
at 2:04pm May 20
hydrogen peroxide helps sometimes too….
at 2:06pm May 20
Herb Pharm makes a great Garlic and Muillen Ear Oil….works well……..
at 2:09pm May 20
at 2:15pm May 20
Dwell magazine helps everything. along with sesame oil.
at 2:20pm May 20
For avoiding ear infections in the future…Organic Essentials Cotton Swabs:
at 2:24pm May 20
oregano oil. email me for more specific instructions if u want…must use with care.
at 2:34pm May 20
when i was a little girl, my parents would do fresh ginger juice – grate it and squeeze the pulp. and add to an equal amount of warm sesame oil.
Acupuncture and herbs help my patients with such problems.
Let the healing begin!
Those are the worst. Throws your equilibrium off. Get well!
at 3:06pm May 20
you gotto love facebook you shout out your worries, your ailments, your fears and people are right there with help!!! love it!!
I’m all about the cooked half onion on the ear.
 at 7:01pm May 20
a warm compress on the ear feels great and can help drain it. sorry you’re not feeling well.
at 7:22pm May 20
Bake a half of an onion till it steams and hold it up to your ear as long as you can stand it. The sulfur will draw out the moisture and with it the infection.
at 9:51pm May 20
I’m the 20th commenter; do I win an Elephant Journal tee?
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