May 2, 2009

Yoga Snob Steps Out of the Closet.

by Sarah Miller

My ego needed some fresh air. I decided to hop a plane to Boulder and catch a taste of freedom…

We’re an elite group. Some 5% of the world’s population who uses the word “ego” in their vocabulary (and knows what that is in fact on an experiential level.)

Ego [noun]: Hey, we all have it. So what is it that makes us deny its existence in the day to day, allowing ourselves to be ruled by it’s misfit ways?

Knowing one’s ego is the first step in letting it go. Therefore, the yoga snob has decided to let hers go public. Why pretend to be a good lil’ yogi who suppresses her ego? Why denounce the inevitable ego trips?

I want my ego to get some fresh air for a minute. Frolic about and have some tea. Then, maybe, that small self can take a permanent vaycay and I won’t miss it a bit.

Your ego may need to let loose as well. If you’re a “good lil’ yogi” like me and are just along for the ride in this crazy/complex cosmic joke we call life, here are a few tips:

1.  Laugh at the self (ego) a lot. Don’t let it get away with anything! Let it know that it’s being foolish and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. It’s such a joke!

2.  Let others chide it the same way. Then remind the small self  that it needs to get real. Consistently remind it that it isn’t the “reality of existence” or the center of the universe.

3.  If you’re a “real yogi” who works really hard at denouncing ego, maybe it’s time to take it to Mardi Gras and let it get wild for a bit. You’re ego will feel better if it has a few friends.

4.  Experience more Self (Beingness) regularly. (ie: Meditate. Experience Samadhi.) This is a sure fire way to let the ego go naturally and effectively and not have to strain so much.

*If you know your ego is a real problem (OR better yet, if you don’t know that it is) and it manifests itself at inappropriate times in unfortunate ways, than this protocol is NOT for you! Snobs, you know who I’m referring to…

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