Your Hair. Your Salon. How green are they?

Via Lindsey Block
on Jun 30, 2009
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Out of the top Five Ways To Green Your Haircut via Planet Green, I do 1 and 5. I have short hair (for a gal) and I cut it myself.  I usually get too antsy and frustrated with my hair before I can even have the chance to call up a hair salon to schedule a cut.  It’s pretty nice and convenient, except for the clean up.  I would put piles of hair down the toilet, in the trash can, and hide it in the secret crevices of my bathroom. I didn’t realize that 200,000 pounds of hair a day went into a landfill and I definitely didn’t realize I could reuse my hair scrapes.

But not only that, what can your salon do to greenify their space and your haircut?

1. Use Organic Shampoo and Conditioner.

I find that organic shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair healthier without the build up and residue that other products leave.

2. Use Natural products when highlighting and coloring.

Some natural dyes may not stay in your hair for as long as the chemical ones, but who said that was bad?  Natural dyes do not leave your hair damaged like those based with chemicals.

3. Recycle and Reuse.

Is there a way to recycle or reuse all that tinfoil and hair caps that go into the highlighting/dyeing/bleaching process?

What are some other ways to green a salon? Please add comments.

GoGreenSalon has a great blog with green hair tips. I google searched for eco hair salons and I could hardly find anything.  I shocked since a haircut is a necessary thing for all people. How come some, most, all hair salons haven’t jumped on the green bandwagon?

Go to Planet Green to read the full Top Green Haircut Tips.


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4 Responses to “Your Hair. Your Salon. How green are they?”

  1. sj* says:

    thanks for the post!!
    there's a sweet two page article in VegNews (august 2009) on vegan and natural hair dyes and techniques. check it.

  2. […] strawberry shampoo, likely, has about as much to do with strawberries as…Big K Diet Orange soda with oranges. […]

  3. Amy says:

    Great company making a huge impact in Toronto ON. Canada is Green Circle Salons at
    Recycling foils, repurposing hair, and helping salons increase profitability in the process.

  4. Can you reccomend some green hair products that work well? Do the natural dyes and highlights last as long as the regular ones? Also do the recycled foils work just as well as regular foils? We generally buy in bulk. Any suggestions for companies to partner with on this?