How I bike my (energetic) dog around. Or, the only good dog is an exercised dog. [Springer]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 25, 2009
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As Cesar Millan of The Dog Whisperer says, most discipline problems are rooted in a dog not getting enough exercise.

Enter: the Springer.

I bought one’a these handy “Springer” dog-bicycle attachments off ebay a year or so ago, and finally got it on my bike (well, I had the handy gents at UBikes mount it for me, I was born with 10 thumbs and zero mental capacity for assembling anything harder than my morning coffee). It works like a charm—the spring prevents Redford, my mutt, from pulling my bike outta whack if he should happen to see a squirrel or get scared by a noise…and the Springer itself prevents Redford from running toward my bike, which would be bad. Finally, if we bike into a pole or tree or somesuch, separating Redford and my bike, there’s an attachment that breaks free, ensuring Redford’s safety (and mine).

It’s a great way to get the little guy some much-needed exercise—and unlike biking around with his leash in my hand, it enables me to have two hands on the handlebars, ready to brake at a moment’s notice (I was hit by a car a few months back while riding with Redford, and probably would have been able to brake faster and harder if I’d had…duh…two hands on me handlebars. Red, oblivious to my near-death experience, hopped in the car, ready to go for a fun trip who knows where!). Finally, the Springer slides off when not in use—very convenient.

Problems: I still ride with one hand holding Red’s leash frequently, esp in the morning, as the Springer doesn’t well allow for Redford’s sudden decision to go pee or poo. For another review on a favorite site of mine, go to “At $69 for the Springer Black colorway and $74 for the Springer Chrome colorway, [the Springer is] slightly more expensive than the WalkyDog…”

And then there’s also the Biker Dog, which handily doubles as a leash when you’re done biking.

springer dog bike

dog harness bike


Bonus, the Dog Whisperer:


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7 Responses to “How I bike my (energetic) dog around. Or, the only good dog is an exercised dog. [Springer]”

  1. Waylon Lewis says:

    VIA FB:
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    Sara at 2:04pm June 25
    This article is fabulous. I was biking with my pup the other day & nearly ended up in the Boulder Creek thanks to Lucy's excitement over a squirrel. I came home entirely disappointed (obviously this isn't the first time it's happened), thinking literally, "what does Waylon do when Redford discovers a distraction on their daily biking adventures?!?!" I'm getting one of these badass contraptions asap. Cheers to biking with our precious trouble makers!

    The other thing you can do, if you have a long leash, it simply hook one end (the loop) over your bike seat, if you have a pointy bike seat, then you sit over that, and the dog is unable to mess with your balance in pretty much the same way. Still, it's probably not more than a 5 minute at a time solution—if the dog decides to stop and pee, you're still in trouble!

  2. sj* says:

    this is an awesome idea. i've seen them out and about and they seem to work even in squirrel situations.
    two things: the springer won't help if you have two dogs. 🙁 my ten year old husky mix, aiko, and i used to ride like this constantly (sled dogs LOVE it) but her elbow is now outta commish now due to running on concrete. watch it! make sure they get plenty of earth/grass running in and alternate their routines. cross training for the canines is important too!

  3. You leave the best comments, Sara. We need more lovely blogs from you!

    Yes—concrete, esp. when hot, is tough on dogs. Good to take care of their feet, and not run too much, and stop for breaks by creek or other water…and I'm checking out a bike trailer, too, have blogged on that before.

  4. Scott says:

    Check out the WalkyDog bike leash too. Very similar concept with an internal spring system. Here is a page of videos of the WalkyDog in action.

    Here is an article about safety considerations for you and your dog when biking:

  5. Juliettesara says:

    Great article I am weighing up between a Springer and a bice bicycle attachment but cannot decide. I only have one dog so perhaps the Springer. Thanks.

  6. Juliettesara says:

    Hi have ordered one finally , as I want to get biking with my dog before the weather goes into bad – I went for a Walky Dog from and just can't wait to try this thing that you're all raving about!! Hope dog and I will get used to it quickly!!

  7. Janet says:

    Thanks for this Scott I'm getting something that will let me bike with my dog for Xmas and I'm just having a look over forums – this Walkydog seems to be the one everyone's recommending – will look at the site, thanks.