If we reach 6K Twitter Followers by Friday at 5pm, we’ll donate four $400 ads to deserving companies.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 11, 2009
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In Twitter language: we have 4 non-profit ad spaces 2 fill. Will donate all, $400 each, if reach 6K follows by Fri 5pm. Who wins?

In non-140-characters-restricted English: we have four spare $400 ads that I’d like to offer to deserving non-profits or companies in need. I first thought to donate a few one-month, standard, square ads when I heard that my dear friend and peer Depra Caplin, a wonderful womenpreneur in downtown Boulder, is having problems paying the rent in these slow economic times. She runs a wonderful, indie, local, tasteful, super-stylish lingerie shop (and yah, they got some nice undies and havianas for boys, too) called The T Bar.

Then, I figured I might as well offer an ad to Downtown Boulder, an organization in my ‘hood that supports many such businesses, the kind that make Boulder Boulder, the kind that make your hometown, wherever you are, unique.

But, then, to make this little well-intentioned stunt nationally-applicable, I thought I’d donate one to Grist, since they held a recent fundraiser and, as an eco-enterpreneur who recently went paperless (we used to print a magazine called elephant journal, nationally) I haven’t paid myself much in six months and therefore couldn’t give to Grist. Still, I love and appreciate their work, and so would love to offer them something I can: a one month, $400 ad that links to their site.

The final $400 one month ad? Could be yours. Any national business (ideally, a non-profit, but any mission-driven biz is eligible) that shows us a mass email or RT they’ve sent with this link, that’s helped us achieve this last-minute 6,000 follower goal of ours—which in turn will help our fledgling organization reach not only the choir but a bit of “the masses”—well I’ll be happy to put your name in one of my vintage trucker hats, and tweet about the winner at the end of #followfriday, only 25 hours away.

Our twitter tag: @elephantjournal. Follow away! (We typically add 80 followers a day, so this will take quite an Retweet and email push by any businesses who want to support the above three businesses, or who want to win the fourth ad).

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About Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis, founder of elephant magazine, now elephantjournal.com & host of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, is a 1st generation American Buddhist “Dharma Brat." Voted #1 in U.S. on twitter for #green two years running, Changemaker & Eco Ambassador by Treehugger, Green Hero by Discovery’s Planet Green, Best (!) Shameless Self-Promoter at Westword's Web Awards, Prominent Buddhist by Shambhala Sun, & 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness 2011 by "Greatist", Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi, 365-day bicycle commuter & best friend to Redford (his rescue hound). His aim: to bring the good news re: "the mindful life" beyond the choir & to all those who didn't know they gave a care. elephantjournal.com | His first book, Things I would like to do with You, is now available.


7 Responses to “If we reach 6K Twitter Followers by Friday at 5pm, we’ll donate four $400 ads to deserving companies.”

  1. Jim says:

    Consider supporting Colorado Local Sustainability and the Rocky Mountain Growers Directory. We helped market over 130 sustainable Colorado farms & ranches (at no cost to them) in the 2009 print edition and on our website. We have a list of over 600 farms & ranches we wish to include for the 2010 printed directory if we reach our financial support goals. Keep up the great work, Waylon!

  2. Done, Jim! Thanks.

    We'll be doing a drawing at end of day Friday, just after meeting with Naropa, and including anyone who's green/yoga/mission-driven/non-profit who has forwarded an email that they sent to their community re following @elephantjournal, or has RTd our tweet on Twitter (we just sent it out).

    RT @elephantjournal We'll donate 4 ads, $400 each, if reach 6K follows by Fri 5pm. Who wins? http://bit.ly/QdPKl

  3. Doreen Hing says:

    I'm confused about what is needed to be done to win a free ad for a month…

  4. Hiya! Does this just have to be in Boulder or can non-profits from other places participate? thank you.

  5. Please see the Go Green Ambassadors Program at http://go-green.ae/go-green-ambassador.php

  6. We'll do another contest soon with an easier goal and clearer objectives! Thanks for the kazillions of RTs, y'all!