June 21, 2009

Only in Boulder Moment #123276.

From the Only in Boulder files: a tree falls and smashes two…light green hybrid Toyota Priuses, which just happen to be driving along one after the other. But was the wood from the beautiful old tree reclaimed, and made into furniture?

Excerpt from The Daily Camera, Boulder’s paper of record:

BOULDER, Colo. — Diana Barnett was driving on Broadway Monday afternoon with her 18-year-old daughter in the passenger’s seat, when she felt a blast of wind, saw a blur of green and heard a “big crash.”

Downed by the wind, a 75-year-old maple tree had pierced the windshield of Barnett’s Toyota Prius, going all the way into the car’s floorboard. Barnett went to Boulder Community Hospital with back pain, while her daughter wasn’t injured.

“It was just so huge and sudden,” said Barnett, of Boulder, who was treated and released from the hospital. “My daughter and I were just in shock. It was really God’s blessing that we were OK.”

A second car — also a light-green Toyota Prius — was hit by the tree, too, but it sustained only minor damage and its driver escaped injury.

Barnett said she’s often told her husband that “you can’t throw a stick in Boulder without hitting a Prius.”

“Today, it got two of them,” she said.

For the rest, go to The Daily Camera article.

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