TOMS Shoes Finds its Way into Whole Foods.

Via Lindsey Block
on Jun 16, 2009
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TOMS Shoes

The beginning of June announced the arrival of TOMS Shoes into Whole Foods around the country.  Whole Foods Market and TOMS Shoes partnered up to create a green, eco-friendly line of footwear.  This exclusive, vegan shoe line is “made of organic cotton, non-leather interior, and recycled rubber from tires for the sole.”

This partnership will widen the recognition and consumer market of TOMS Shoes as well as its mission and environmentally-friendly efforts. The shoes are available in the Whole Body department of the store.

TOMS Shoes


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9 Responses to “TOMS Shoes Finds its Way into Whole Foods.”

  1. Love TOMS Shoes. Phenomenal example of a company baking in social responsibility to the core of the business and relationship with its customers. Thanks for the tip that they're now available in Whole Foods. I have the Gandhi edition.

  2. Other companies in this line: FEED, Newman's Own, Newman's Own Organics, who else?

  3. […] questions I have about TOMS: are the glues mostly toxic, and why do the shoes fall apart kinda quick (not very eco-responsible?!), and why are many […]

  4. Justin Magee says:

    Corporations legally can't have "social responsibility" as miss Olivia put it. Look up Dodge v. Ford if you don't believe me.

  5. jesse says:

    how much are they sold for at whole foods?

  6. Beverly says:

    Why is Whole Foods not listed as a Tom's shoes retailer on Tom's website? I was planning a trip there but don't want to be disappointed.

  7. […] was like looking at the lives of those who lived in an alternate universe. There was a picture of a pair of shoes that cost as much as my rent. How is that […]

  8. Well frankly speaking I don’t know any online store in US but as I’m UK resident I know an online store that is good too.

  9. Karina says:

    How much do they cost at Whole Foods?