What Would (or Did) It Take for Me to Bike to Work Everyday? Call for comments!

Via elephant journal
on Jun 24, 2009
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bike to work!

Send us your reasons for biking to work! You can either post it as a COMMENT or send your response to [email protected]

As a student at the University of Colorado, I am proud to mindfully commit myself to biking to classes (and beyond!) everyday. With such an extensive network of pedestrian paths in Boulder, I find that it is quicker to jump on my awesome two-speed to pick-up my favorite frozen yogurt rather than waste time (and resources) driving. ~elise (Boulder, Colo.)


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16 Responses to “What Would (or Did) It Take for Me to Bike to Work Everyday? Call for comments!”

  1. via twitter
    @SkylorShelPow to bike to work the commute would have to be less than an hour, but ill bike everywhere else!

  2. 1) Fresh air in the face…feels so great! Now I know why my dog runs instead of walks, sticks his head out the window if the truck and lifts his nose to the breeze. Aaaah!
    2) That spindly-leg feeling once you get to your destination is unbeatable.
    3) The moment you step outside from a day behind the computer, in an office, etc…you see your bike and it is like being 8 years old again. Take a new route home.

  3. Hope Ashley says:

    1) Its cheap
    2) I can get to work faster than city transportation
    3) it wakes me up!! Especially riding in -10C in the winter
    4) Great way to sneak in some extra exercise

  4. petermotyka says:

    I ride to work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Work from home Tuesday and Thursday. It is a 4.5 mile commute and works great for my family. I've lost ~20lbs since riding regularly and feel wonderful. I'm very thankful to my friend who built me a bike and motivated me to ride regularly. Truly a great guy who sets a great example!

  5. Heather says:

    I would definitely bike more if there were bike lanes everywhere that I needed to go. I've been hit twice on my bike, so I get nervous on the street and the sidewalk isn't cool either.

  6. Eric says:

    Because I hate hate hate getting into a swelteringly hot car in the summer. Even in dress clothes, I can bike a few miles to my destination and be less sweaty than if I hopped in my mobile sauna and waited for the AC to catch up!

  7. lindsey says:

    I alternate biking and walking to work. As a fairly inexperienced city biker, the cars zooming past really stress me out, which is a bad way to start my day. If I can go on the bike path, I'll usually ride, if not, I pop in my earphones and start strolling. It's actually my preferred way to get around because I feel relaxed and have a little alone time with myself.

  8. via twitter
    @TheTBar: rode to work on "ride your bike to work day" & still rocked hot lingerie!! No Excuses for not doing either!

  9. Love it. I agree–biking can be scary, and even if very safe it only takes one bad accident! Though, cars going fast on highway are still far more lethal and common in terms of accidents.

  10. via twitter @MuseumofFLArt: I try to bike to work during the cooler months, but unfortunately during weather like this, I would die of heatstroke. …

  11. kyleronald says:

    It's quicker than my car and once I got a pair of panniers and could carry two grocery bags, it just made more sense than getting in my car everyday. The best feeling in the world is breezing past the line of cars on my way home in the evening.

  12. loooove to go to work on my bike! i sometimes find myself thinking about moving to a place where i could bike all year (Amsterdam i miss you!), Montreal winter making it a bit too crazy and dangerous. I wish cars would drive less savagely (been dreaming of having a device to alert cars of my presence-paintgun is my latest fantasy, anyone has any smarter idea?), wish i wouldn't have to watch out all the time for the big holes now common in our streets, wish there would be more bike paths…but hey, on top of the daily much-needed exercise, what a great feeling to see the seasons changing, and smell nature after an extra-long hiberning winter, with the wind in your face – go people, take on the streets with your machine!

  13. via twitter
    RT @MuseumofFLArt: oh, also – the roads here kind of suck – it takes work not to get run over on a bike in these parts~not very bike friendly!

  14. jessie says:

    I ride to work everyday because its only a mile each way, but I would ride anyway even if it was longer. I recently got an Xtracycle so i can start riding to the store and other places when I need to take a lot of stuff. Riding first thing in the morning is a great 'wake-up' and it gives me time at the end of the day to unwind (unless cars cut me off or almost hit me and then i get mad and its not relaxing – i do follow traffic laws BTW). The only time my car leaves the driveway is if I go out of town.

  15. mountainaven says:

    I bike to work because I long ago gave up owning a car. when i moved from a more bike friendly town to alaska it was more of a committment, but one that i value every day i ride out of my driveway. i also have an amazing employer that pays their employees to use alternative transportation to get to work.

  16. Svasti says:

    More reliable – trams and trains will take as long as they take to get to their destination, and that timeframe varies considerably. I know how long it takes me to cycle every time, barring a flat tyre.

    Excellent mental break between the office and home. Of course, its great to incorporate exercise into your commute as well.

    I love my bike, I don't have a car and living relatively close to the CBD, I find its the easiest way to get most places!