Beat Poet/Activist/Buddhist/Naropa Writing School co-founder Allen Ginsberg on Charlie Rose. Bonus videos: Jack Kerouac 1959 & Philip Whalen, sorta.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 3, 2009
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Growing up in Boulder, with my ma a fellow Buddhist and teacher, famous Beat poet and activist Allen Ginsberg was one of those old school arty celebs I was used to seeing. He was sweet, and kind, voluble, bottle-lensed and weak-limbed—and he probably paid a tad more attention to me, being a young lad, than I deserved.

I last saw him…on July 4th one of those years at Naropa University, where he co-founded the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics with fellow poet/Buddhist/activist Anne Waldman. Here he is with a bunch of distracting idiots on Charlie Rose. It’s an hour long, so you can afford to skip past all the other schlubs and zero in on the inimitable Allen.



Bonus: The Fourth of October, 1963, Philip Whalen:

Bonus bonus, this incredible silent footage of Jack and Allen strutting around and arguing with woman and fooling, smoking, babysitting, in their prime, around at E 9th St. and 3rd Ave in Mad Men era NYC, 1959. Play a good 5-minute song while you watch it, watch the whole thing. I’m playing ‘Bruises,’ no I’m gonna play Charlie Parker or Lester Young or Billie Holiday, some of Kerouac’s faves.


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8 Responses to “Beat Poet/Activist/Buddhist/Naropa Writing School co-founder Allen Ginsberg on Charlie Rose. Bonus videos: Jack Kerouac 1959 & Philip Whalen, sorta.”

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  5. Paul R says:

    I am trying to identify the cameraman of the 1959 Kerouac, Ginsberg, Carr footage. One would think automatically Robert Frank given it is on his NYC block of the time and with Mary, Pablo and Andrea. But Robert has denied any knowledge of it. My guess is John Cohen, the still photographer for Pull My Daisy shot same year. Anybody?

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  7. Linda-Sama says:

    nice. I met Allen in 1973 when he came to my rinky dink junior college on the south side of Chicago for a reading of Howl…how he got there, I'll never know, but it was there that I uttered my first OM…with Allen. then we went to a hippie party together.

  8. Gman says:

    The Ginsberg Youtube video is listed as 'Private' . Have another link? Thanks