City Council: A question for Waylon Lewis

Via Yesica Pineda
on Jul 4, 2009
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The City Council is primarily responsible for making laws which govern the City. The Council proposes, debates, and votes on legislation governing and/or affecting the city.

The City of Boulder has a Council-Manager form of government. Under this form of government, the elected City Council sets the policies for the operation of the Boulder government. The administrative responsibility of the City rests with the City Manager who is appointed by the City Council. The City Council consists of nine members, a Mayor, a Deputy Mayor and seven Council members. The City of Boulder conducts its general elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd numbered years. All city elections are administered by the Boulder City Clerk.

Go-Go Waylon. Our Editor-in-Chief, Waylon Lewis, who I admire for his inspiring activism and honest projection of his ideals (which always are about living mindfully), is thinking about pulling a petition to run for City Council in Boulder, Colorado.

To hear this news made me feel proud made me feel safer and hopeful; somebody who actually is informed about the world and the best alternatives to live mindfully is interested in proposing the laws the citizens that share his town would like to have passed by our government. Think green, think local type of thing. Exciting it is, me being Mexican, I find the dynamics of American politics so interesting and educational. Somebody as charming and smart as Waylon Lewis can no doubt turn everybody’s head and actually make that head think about different perspectives that promote a peaceful and enlightening society.

I trust Waylon.

Thursday night, after laughing for a good hour listening to Garrison Keillor writer’s show, the afternoon invited for a good conversation under the sky before departing home. So, we stood there, outside of the Unity Church, great weather, and being what conversation is I asked my friends about their opinions on Waylon running for City Council.

“A total waste of time…a total waste of time…unless Waylon counts with the Daily Camera Local Newspaper endorsement …and…and…unless there are other five councilors that share his vision for the future of the city. Otherwise, it will be totally a waste of time and only a struggle for Waylon.”

I said, he works with New Era Colorado, has a great staff, is friends with many great young political visionaries. Jared Polis…”It does not matter…nnnnttt…it does not matter…unless Waylon counts with the Daily Camera Local Newspaper endorsement …and…and…unless there are other five councilors that share his vision for the future of the city, it will be a total waste of time and only a struggle for Waylon.”

The mosquitos started their first round, so we said our goodbyes prematurally in the conversation. As I walked I remember thinking: “Personally,  I don’t see why anybody would not share Waylon’s vision for the future. A green, environmentally conscious, spiritually awaken, energy-efficient, community supportive, organic and outdoory, doggie friendly peaceful future. Secondly – I thought – why would the Daily Camera Boulder Local Newspaper not be interested in supporting the best healthy and wealthy direction for its town and its citizens. Maybe – I thought finally – what we need to hear is more about Waylon’s vision.”

What is your vision Waylon?


Yesica “yeye” Pineda


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2 Responses to “City Council: A question for Waylon Lewis”

  1. Thanks, sweet yeye! Your friends are right—without endorsements from the Camera, Sierra Club, PLAN Boulder, Fido's…a world of grassroots support for any candidate may not be enough.

    I'm afraid I can't comment, or shouldn't—I can only say that I'm considering or planning on pulling a petition, and it's fine if folks want to say what they'd like to see Boulder make happen over the next few years in view of budget cuts etc, but I and no other of the various worthy potential candidates will begin to run until after August 4th, when we "pull our petition" at the Municipal Building. Until that time, I'm on radio silence, though we are allowed to talk and meet etc, we are not campaigning yet. So if folks want to say what they'd like to see, go nuts, please do, and all other potential candidates will thank you for your ideas and input, this is a public forum! – WL

  2. Joseph Richey says:

    Running really means talking and writing Waylon.
    You can do that, and you climb too. Right?

    Endorsing Waylon for City Council,

    Joe Richey