July 1, 2009

Coke just got Greener, saved some Green.

Green equals Green. Coke just proved it. Now they just gotta go…organic?

From the Common Sense Chronicles of Business getting eco-reponsible and saving dough, in so doing. Excerpt re that greatest of Imperialistic Capitalistic Multi-national It’s-a-Small-World Brands, Coca Cola:

Coca Cola Goes Eco-friendly
It is by now, a truth universally acknowledged, that by looking to reduce their carbon footprints, companies can also discover ‘tangible cost savings’.

Coca Cola has pioneered a new drinks can design that will save 15,000 tonnes of aluminium ever year.
The new design, which uses 5% less aluminium than traditional drinks cans, will help cut back on how much of aluminium is used in Europe. In addition, using less aluminium means less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

The metal in the cans is less than 0.1mm thick, about the width of a human hair. The strength of the cans is not compromised. In total, the new cans will cut the carbon footprint of the drinks industry by 78,000 tonnes per year, the same as taking almost 20,000 cars off the road.

Six and half billion of the cans have already been produced and distributed, with major drinks brands and brewers across Europe readily taking up the new design.

Coca Cola has also reduced the amount of glass in its iconic 330ml bottle, down 20% from 263g to 210g. The new bottles are 0.1mm wider and 13mm shorter than the original...for the rest, click here.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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