The Grocery Checkout and Practicing with Anger

Via Reverend Danny Fisher
on Jul 15, 2009
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Over at the Tricycle Editors’ Blog, Rachel Hiles kindly posted on a recent post of mine about contemplating anger at the grocery checkout. In writing about my post, she took the opportunity to ask readers the following:

    Has anyone out there had an experience in which you chose to be proactive rather than reactive? Did it bring about a change in those around you?

Please stop by and leave an answer for the good people at Trike.

In other news related to that post, my mother, The Quilted Librarian, sent me a must-read poem on anger. Take a look.


About Reverend Danny Fisher

Rev. Danny Fisher, M.Div., D.B.S. (Cand.), is a professor and Coordinator of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at University of the West in Rosemead, CA. He was ordained as a lay Buddhist minister by the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California in 2008. In addition, he is certified as a mindfulness meditation instructor by Naropa University in association with Shambhala International. A member of the National Association of College and University Chaplains, he serves on the advisory council for the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program. In addition to his work for elephant journal, he is a blogger for Shambhala Sun. He has also written for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Religion Dispatches, The Journal of Buddhist Ethics, The Journal of Religion & Film, Eastern Horizon, New York Spirit, Alternet's Wiretap Magazine, and other publications. His award-winning website is


2 Responses to “The Grocery Checkout and Practicing with Anger”

  1. swati jr* says:

    love it. my dad's favorite saying is "no good deed goes unpunished." i've heard it a lot. thanks for the post. hey, maybe you could just enjoy your snarkyness?! why not, it was kinda funny.

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