Life as a locavore, continued: inspiration at the farmers’ market.

Via Todd Mayville
on Jul 16, 2009
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Today is esteemed editor-in-chief (and future possible petition-puller for Boulder City Council) Waylon Lewis’ birthday.

Yesterday I found myself at the Boulder Farmers’ Market looking for ingredients for something to bring to tonight’s dinner in honor of said Boss Man. The goal (as always) is to find something local, tasty, and healthy.  After browsing around and exploring many options, it hit me: something quick, easy, and light while at the same time achieving that goal with three stands that were right next to each other.  Within minutes I’d found what I was looking for: walnut pesto from Loredana’s, a red pepper from 2 R’s Farm, and some fresh rigatoni from Pasta Bozza. The plan? Roast the pepper on the grill; let it cool and slice it into strips; cook up the pasta; mix the pepper, the pasta and the pesto… and presto!  Simple, super tasty, and local.  What could be better?


About Todd Mayville

Todd is a single dad of four diverse and lively kids, and is an English teacher and climbing team coach at a local public high school. A rock climber, cyclist and avid reader, Todd also practices yoga and meditation as often as he possibly can, which helps him stay at least a little centered and sane.


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