Urban Outfitters Now Making Fixies: Has this trend gone too far?

Via Lindsey Block
on Jul 29, 2009
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In Brooklyn, New York, the coolest accessory ain’t a car. It’s your “fixie”—fixed gear—bike. Now, they’re being sold through Urban Outfitters, the official purveyor of hipster cool to the masses.

When did biking become less about transportation and more about fashion? If this will get more of the hipster kids on bikes and out of their cars, then great, but do you really want a trendy chain clothing store to be making your bike? It’s cool and all but is the bike worth the money?

fixie urban outfitters

Built by us & you. Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Republic Bike to bring you a personalized experience in bike design. We offer more than 100,000 component and color combinations for the fixed / single gear Aristotle bike. You just need to pick and choose. Republic Bike will build it, box it and ship it directly to you.

I personally want a bike made from a brand I can trust.  Also I’d like to support a local bike shop instead of a huge chain.  I really like the idea of personalizing your bike and actually picking each bike part and color to create a one-of-a-kind bike. However, I’m not so fond of the idea of Republic Bike shipping to you.  Not only is it less environmentally-friendly to ship and ship and ship, but when you buy something new, you usually want it immediately (at least I do!).

However if you’re the must-be-trendy bike commuter, check out Treehugger’s article on hip bike clothing of Outlier Tailored Performance.

Also, I’m a very amateur biker so please write your thoughts and comment!


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12 Responses to “Urban Outfitters Now Making Fixies: Has this trend gone too far?”

  1. Maria says:

    Personally, for me it is less about the bike (as long as it works!) and more about the ride. The wind in one's hair, the scent of flowers and fresh salty air, the thrill of coasting down a hill, and the glory of managing to pedal all the way back up.

  2. Whether something's cool that super-popular slash alternative…and that most folks don't know how to ride properly is debatable. Whether its zero emissions is not debatable. Bigger the better, bikes should be sold everywhere, cooler the better!

  3. via FB
    Tom F sad. i bet they're gonna be mad expensive and made from cheap china parts. you're better off going to a local bike shop.
    about an hour ago · Delete

    Chris K, but I could have spinner hubcaps. so this could be a real path, n'est-ce pas?

  4. Travis says:


    I enjoy this discussion. The trouble is: if cool equals unsafe. Fixed gears are for bike freeeks who know bikes. They are not hipster bigwheels, although these can be pretty cool too. It is important to be accustomed to urban cycling, handling traffic and pedestrians, to be safe on these. Even meeting a steep hill will be perilous without brakes.

    Velo & Pais

  5. Andrew Hyde says:

    More fixies = more people that love to ride their bike. I'm on mine 300 days a year, suggest it to everyone.

  6. Elise says:

    I am very conflicted about the fixie movement. Having a custom single speed of my own, I feel like the masses joining the ranks of commuter aficionado only discounts the effort poured into my bicycle. However, one cannot discount the fact that the more people riding bikes (whether they be posing in tight shorts and Vans or not), the less people there are driving cars.

  7. As a friend of mine has said, the counterculture is the R&D department for global capitalism.

  8. jim dare says:

    unfortunately,when bicycles first "rolled" (no pun intended) onto the scene they WERE a fashion craze,albeit as a toy for the wealthy……………….i say relax and enjoy the ride…pun intended .

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  10. Anna says:

    that is so unbelievably bad… but I do agree with Andrew that "More fixies = more people that love to ride their bike. I'm on mine 300 days a year, suggest it to everyone. "

    I just hope that people actually ride them and don't just stand next to them smoking a cigarette and looking sultry.

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