Veggie Rock: Abbondanza Organic Farm and DJ Zuk.

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on Jul 20, 2009
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Abbondanza Organic Farm

Boulder, Colorado: In a land where many witness progressive sustainable living and community, Boulder continues to plow through the fields of uncharted territory in this, our 21st century.

On a midsummer’s evening, Abbondanza Organic Farm will present a unique experience of sound and movement, filling the soul with nutritional communications while creating and sustaining community and collaborating with a Musical twist of sorts.

Ruben Zukowski (aka DJ Zuk) has joined forces with Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce to build an intentional space where Music Artistry and Farming co-exist, living on an age old tradition, from another time in Human history.

On any given Friday evening, local Farmers and Volunteers sweat to the pounding sun, while working the fields, pulling fine produce from the Earth and preparing such nutritional elements for The Farmers’ Market, Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  All while doing so, the sounds of DJ Zuk will serenade this process, providing a progressive tone of Afro Latin, Brazilian Soul Jazz influenced Deep House, Dance Music.  In the midst of working under the beating Sun, a new relationship is formulated between Artist and Farmer, co-communicating a higher, more conscious vibration for our food and for our people.

“I feel a sense of Gratitude and Honor to be holding space with Music that moves my Soul… sharing and providing such tones that bring a brighter shine to their lives.” -DJ Zuk

At any given moment, smiles fill the field and greenhouse, while workers continue the flow of preparation, feeling a sense of ease and openness while handling our food.  Witnessing a little wiggle dance move or two is not uncommon either, continuing a positive feeling amongst the crew of devoted workers.

“It is truly appreciated to have Art culture brought to us in this unique environment where we are often isolated from it.  The music is a breath of fresh energy, pushing us through our final set of the week at the farm” -Abbondanza

This age old Tradition dates back to African wisdom teachings, holding truth to the power of music, its deepest qualities and importance in working environments, farming and how specific sounds can help push along the process and aid in enriching experiences around work, farming and community supportive living.  For more wise tales and teachings, seek out “The Healing Drum“ by Yaya Diallo and Mitchell Hall.

The intention of co-creating models of sustainable community and preserving age old truths while moving forward amongst the progressive formulas, may only evoke the deepest gratitude and awareness of the gifts we have within. We must allow ourselves the opportunities to live more enriching lives, while giving back to the full circle of life.

For more info regarding Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce, please visit For those interested in sharing this experience, please RSVP with Volunteer Coordinator, Ivon: [email protected] For more info regarding DJ Zuk please visit or email: [email protected].

DJ Zuk


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9 Responses to “Veggie Rock: Abbondanza Organic Farm and DJ Zuk.”

  1. DJ Zuk says:

    Much Gratitude!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful!! I LOVE this idea.

  3. BfloLydia says:

    HAWTNESS. 🙂 <3 Peace. Luv. House!

  4. Anneliese says:

    Congratulations on creating an event which taps into so many aspects of our humanity at once!

  5. Megan Braet says:

    You all are so AMAZING. Love the vision and the abundant love streaming in. Let it shine on!!

  6. Chris says:

    much love Ru! good things good things

  7. Lindsey says:

    What a beautiful marriage of two essential sources of nourishment!

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  9. Carry Higgins says:

    WOW! Thats was very good. Thank you for allowing us to share this with our fb friends and family. I am so proud of this company and greatful to be part of such an awesome cause! People need help with their finances and this business opportunity where you can own your own business!