We aren’t healing.

Via Saraswati J.
on Jul 14, 2009
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picture-42by Sarah Miller

We aren’t healing.

Perhaps I’ve been watching one too many Caroline Myss YouTubes lately. Perhaps I’ve had one too many encounters this week with people’s personal wounds and pain bodies.

I keep running into beings that are trapped in their pain and drama, inner torture and a “woe is me” made for t.v. drama. Their identity has been taken over by this negativity and has decided that this is who they are. “Hi, I’m Linda and I am a survivor.” Great Linda, nice to meet you and your pain body, but aren’t you more than a “survivor?!”

People aren’t healing themselves. They don’t want to. The Identity of the health condition is now the problem- more than the problem itself. Carolyn Myss calls this “woundology.” We live in an age where, now that diagnosis is inevitable, people identify themselves by their wounds and health issues as a result. A great place to start the healing process. The problem is, there are too many reasons to stay there and get too comfortable with the wound. It’s familiar, safe and even comforting at times. The unknown territory of health, liberation and freedom from disease is distant, vague and unfamiliar.

If it’s not openly stated within the first five minutes of conversation, it becomes picture-5obvious in other, more subtle ways. “I’ll stay in the back. I don’t want to bother anyone with my condition” is a more polite way of saying “I’ve spent my whole life feeling invisible, but what I really want is attention and someone to notice me. Doesn’t anyone care?!”

When does disease end and real healing begin to occur? Why would someone want to be living in pain and misery? Or why might they not be able to see their way out of it?  A foreign concept to me until I start digging deep within my own “stuff” and realized, “hey, you’ve got it too hon. Otherwise you’d be fully realized by now.”

To varying degrees, we are all dealing with our baggage. Some of it we came to the planet to figure out. Some of the extra stuff we’ve picked up along the way. But the load keeps getting heavier if we don’t do the work to offload the burden of it all. Some are treading water, doing what it takes each day just to survive living in a body. Others are standing still. Few are actually moving, quickly, in a life altering direction.

picture-12Each Being has to be on a mission. A personal mission. Each Being has to do the daily work it takes to live in a functioning, healthy human body. Each Being has to crave health and longevity, aspire to be well and whole. Each Being will have to acquire the proper tools along the way. Desire and willpower is the crucial measure of one’s success.

No problem is resolved on the level at which it occurred- Carl Jung


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2 Responses to “We aren’t healing.”

  1. Ann says:

    I guess we will just keep trading out our wounded indentities for slightly less wounded ones until the day comes that we are liberated beings. Vigilence, awareness, and compassion for our growing selves will be necessities.

  2. stacey says:

    so true, how true… i look to my mother, to myself, to the comfort i feel when i'm "suffering." great posting.