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on Aug 23, 2009
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Seems like AA and frat boys aren’t the only ones to objectify women. Women, even yoga practitioners, do it to themselves!

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Yoga: a spiritual path focused on the development of a perfect outward physical appearance.


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18 Responses to “Twitter Profile Pic of the Day.”

  1. JayGaddis says:

    Dude, C'mon. You are making some SERIOUS generalizations about groups. The mindful life? How is stereotyping people being mindful or "conscious?"

    I think this post could have been done with more intelligence, fairness, openness and invited an important conversation. Instead you openly discriminate against two groups and piss on what could have been a mindful topic of conversation.

  2. anon says:

    that photo is entirely about boobs. is she selling budweiser?

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    So because a woman has boobs she can't appear in her own avatar? GTFOOHWTBS.

  4. jka says:

    zen and pretty! nothin wrong with that.

  5. Not sure if I get you, Jayson. My point is that, too often, yoga is sold (and bought) as a means to physical perfection. If you've been following elephant closely, not sure, you'll know we've had some recent flame wars/dialogues about American Apparel and it's sexploitative advertising—with my mostly defending the company itself, if not its cool but lascivious ads.

  6. BTW, I give your comment thumbs up for passion, and condemning my post in a general way without getting into specifics.

  7. Well, there's obviously nothing wrong with sexuality, or loveliness, as some other comment says. But there's a way to do it, I think, that's less of a Budweiser ad, also as another comment says.

  8. Sorry, what's Zen about it? Or you mean Zenish? Zenesque? Zenlite?

  9. Uh, you're just playing devil's advocate, or you're dafter than even I. The woman in the prana ad may or may not be attractive, the ad doesn't seem to be concerned with such. She is certainly presented in a non-sexualized, empowered, peaceful, yoga practice-focused manner.

    Their last ad featured Tias LIttle, a somewhat scrawny white guy (and wonderful yoga and Buddhist teacher).

  10. Feminism 101 could tell you, or all the other comments on my objectification/feminism posts. Or, you could guess.

  11. Yea, it's tricky. Many kapha women I know love yoga, but don't practice, and I wonder if it is due to feeling like they don't have a "yoga body" as appears in most yoga ads. Some have indicated that they can't keep up in high-powered 90-minute yoga classes, which seem to be the norm in Boulder at least. I don't go to yoga classes for that reason, but practice nightly on my own for 20-30 minutes (at least when I have the discipline to do so).

    Some yoga ads are more objectifying than others, but it somewhat depends on the eye of the beholder too. This one seems pretty "Sports Illustrated," with the whole sitting in the water looking hot thing. I'd place it as not as objectifying as the Hard Tail ads which seem specifically about attaining "yoga booty."

    In general, yoga ads feature slim women, and asana in the West seems oriented towards developing a sleek, muscular body. This tendency does play a part in the overall objectifying of women as sexual objects, and even at times could be said to spiritualize the objectification of women. But putting pudgy Indian dudes in short shorts in yoga ads doesn't seem to sell as many short shorts, so the pressure is to put the sexiest, raciest pictures possible in your ad.

  12. Oh, I should also add that it is commonly pointed out that women often embrace their objectification (not all women of course). Porn actresses speak of "empowerment" through being abused by men in the porn industry, etc. Objectification is a matter for both men and women to reflect upon.

  13. Right, whatever our opinion on this subject, we can all agree on that:

    "Objectification is a matter for both men and women to reflect upon."

    Aside from sexualization of yoga imagery (crashing surf, magazine-"perfect" look, there's a yuppiness to the way yoga is commonly depicted that turns away many would be practitioners who could, if it were presented more humanly, more honestly, and less commercially, benefit greatly from yoga practice. Just yesterday I was extolling the virtues of practice to a 45 year old buddy of mine who thought that yoga was too easy, not a "real" exercise. I assured him it's harder than basketball, climbing, swimming, or cycling–the other things I do.

    I suggested he ask his longtime girlfriend, who also hasn't checked it out, to go with him as a sort of date. He seemed enthused at the idea, since as we're getting older we all need yoga more and more for our bellies, backs, and (at any age) speedy, self-obsessed minds.

  14. I didn't realize some people think yoga is too easy! Perhaps that's a sign of how out of shape I am. 🙂

    Keep on spreading the anti-materialist yoga gospel,

  15. innappropriate yogi says:

    wait a second. why are we judging this woman? lets go back into our own inner peace. om.

  16. […] yoga give you the perfect bod’? And other stories on the infiltration of materialism into the […]

  17. kasey says:

    I think she's beautiful and looks very peaceful. Maybe images like this will make other women try yoga who wouldn't otherwise, in striving for outer beauty, they just may stumble upon inner peace/awakening. Why must a tasteful and beautiful photo bring condemnation?

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