August 19, 2009

Are Skateboards a form of Transportation?

I know, I know, skateboarding is not a crime. But if it ain’t a crime, is it an everyday form of transportation that should be planned for? Or is it still mostly just for pulling stunts and playing around in skateparks?

Should it be taken into consideration along with municipal planning for bike lanes, bus routes, roads for cars, more roads for more cars, more and more roads for more and more cars? It is, after all, an eco, fun, cool (and dangerous) form of transportation that’s increasingly common in college towns and big cities.

This subject came up in Boulder, at City Council, recently. If you want to offer input, follow the links below:

Sender: Cowles, Macon

The question addressed here: Are skateboards a form of transportation that should be considered by the City in connection with transportation planning?

Dear colleagues:

A young man has twice appeared before Council at public participation to ask that skateboards be considered as a transportation mode. The first time he appeared, about a month ago, we referred him to the Transportation Advisory Board. Last night, he came to the Council again to renew his plea. He left the impression that he had been to TAB, but that TAB was not interested in the question because skateboards are not within TAB’s jurisdiction, as currently understood.

Without at all determining how to answer the question above, everyone on Council seemed to agree that it is important to answer the question above, and that TAB is the appropriate body, in consultation and with the advice of the Transportation Department,  to consider it in the first instance. This clearly implicates a discussion of the device itself, of what portions of the transportation infrastructure could be used if it is a form of transportation, of whether such use (say of bike lanes) could occur consistent with the use and safety of others, and whether there should be some regulation directed at the safety of riders and passersby and others sharing the same space as those using skate boards.

The City Council is interested in hearing from you on this subject, and hopes that you are able to fit it into your agenda.

Thank you.

Macon Cowles
Boulder City Councilor_______________________________________________
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