Ben Taylor wants you in a Wicked Way. Video.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 3, 2009
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ben taylor folk music

Ben Taylor wants to Folk all you conventionally-beautiful women in a wicked, Wicked Way

Ben Taylor is, like Michael Franti, one of the official hippie hipster eco yoga rock stars (it doesn’t hurt that he ben-efited from some Folk Prince nepotism connections—his papa’s the wonderful James Taylor, his mama the illustrious Carly Simon).

ben taylor album kung folkThis latest may not be his greatest—he takes 20 or so conventionally beautiful women (read: models) and sings about how he doesn’t want to talk with them or their friends or their parents, he just wants to get ’em drunk and have his wicked way with ’em.

Well I just want to take you out and get you drunk and have my wicked way with you/

I’m just being honest ’cause I know the other guys are thinking just the same way too…

Don’t you fight it…’cause I know yer gonna like it…

Points for honesty, for sure. And there’s no doubt he’s a nice guy, a good man with a great voice, from America’s First Family of Goodness. Still, date-rape talk mixed with gap-toothed, ragged-headed wholesomeness is as sour by any other name. My hunch is that if 3Oh!3 wrote a song like this, mindful bloggers everywhere would have their Wicked Way with said musical artist.

But probably I just need to chill, man. I mean, Ben isn’t 3oh!3, he’s Ben. You be the judge:

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To his credit, he talks here about how it might be offensive, but is just in fun:

Some comments on youtube:
Kind of like the goofy white boy version of snoop’s bitches ain’t shit.

it’s a funny song and just goes to show that immaturity is with “men” well into their 40’s …give em time to grow up girls!

LOL…what an awesome song! And I love that Ben’s always barefoot!
Ben sounds great and I like his song writing skills! Does’nt hurt to have James Taylor for a Pa and Carly Simon for a Ma either I reckon!

He just wants to have sex with her then leave what a dick

This song is naughty and cute at the same time!

heres a song i can relate to 😉

Hey Ben you can have your wicked way with me any day!


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It’s not about rape. It’s wanting sex without the complications of a relationship.

he wanted a sun like black eyed peas ” i dont want to meet your mommy just want you in my caddy” type song go see him in a live show he explains all his songs, until then you guys and STFU. Not about rape.

Dude, it’s a joke!!! LOL. NO sense of humor.
he makes fwbs sound cute and cuddly!


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3 Responses to “Ben Taylor wants you in a Wicked Way. Video.”

  1. a barefoot yogini says:

    brilliant. thanks for that. ahh clarity….
    time saving tool for us ladies who have been trying to figure it out all this time!

    nice one.

  2. Yah, I'm sure you thought guys just wanted to get to know you better, and maybe then go back to their place and watch a movie with you, and maybe…

  3. a barefoot yogini says:

    yes of course….up until the moment when…you will be happy to know…exactly the same dilemma pops into our minds….and then that even more glorious moment when we accept that this is the case, and…..its ok!