Congressman Jared Polis on Stephen Colbert! You know what I mean!

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on Aug 23, 2009
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Finally. My man Congressman Jared Polis, our very own Congressman right here in the teabagging capitol of America, and a man and a mensch among men and mensches, is on Stephen Colbert…and does a better job than most grinning and bearing Colbert’s vicious puns, and coming out looking good despite the Colbert Report’s super-vicious video editors! Enjoy!

PS: Jared woulda hit the whole beer bong, but no one in Colorado drinks Coors. We prefer…New Belgium! Avery! Mountain Sun! What else! Truly Colorado beers!

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Even Better-er Know a District – Colorado’s 2nd – Jared Polis
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Colbert Bongs a Beer with Congressman Jared Polis — Stephen even better knowed Colorado’s second district by sitting down with Jared Polis, the first openly gay man elected to Congress. At the end, they take turns sucking on a long cylindrical object, but this is 2009, we have a black President and gay people can be elected to Congress, so there’s really no comedic conclusion to jump to there. (Television)


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5 Responses to “Congressman Jared Polis on Stephen Colbert! You know what I mean!”

  1. Good points, all. I'm with you on the last point–running for Congress for first time as an openly GLBTQ is a distinction worth making. That said, Frank has been a great example and wields a helluvalotta power.

  2. Tom H: Loved this.
    6 hours ago · Delete

    Anita M. Burke: while i know we need humor and it is all in good fun… beer bongs are killing our children here in Boulder… this is not funny when one is in a leadership position… I already promised him that the next binged out passed out coed I run into is being brought to his doorstoop and/or I am callin him at 4 am from the hospital… – and yes you are … Read More
    5 hours ago · Delete

    Tom H: I'm sympathetic to the issue. And we have had serious problems with underage, binge drinking here in Boulder and around the country. That said, I still loved the episode. Jared handled the interview well, and Colbert, too, was in fine form.
    5 hours ago · Delete

    Alex Marsh King: As someone who went to CU and participated in the modern college establishment, I find this a hilarious piece by Colbert. Yes, binge drinking is a bad problem. But let's not forget its an AMERICAN ONE – and not one by wine-swigging lushes in Europe. If parents taught their children how to drink responsibly as my right-y parents did, we wouldn't have this issue.

    With that, I am off to the sundowner to see some live music and have some whiskey (on my bike of course)
    4 minutes ago · Delete

    Waylon: Paper Bird!

  3. My call on the binge drinking bit…I think Jared clearly wasn't enthusiastic about bonging on TV, but tipped his feathery cap toward it out of good manners. Didn't hit the whole beer, didn't go over the top about it, but was mindful and a good sport, too. Well handled.

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