Dream Truck.

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on Aug 31, 2009
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What if the Hokey-Pokey is What it’s all About?

vintage dream truck cowboy

I went car-less maybe six months or a year ago. Though I hardly drove anymore—I’d arranged my life so that I could bike day in and out, by living downtown and getting a bike for riding on, not just looking cool on—it was tough to unplug myself from The Man that is the pseudo All-American longing for a set of keys and a ride all yer own.

Well, I love being car-less. It’s cheaper, healthier, everyone waves at me all day long (or points at me and laughs). It’s greener, too, of course.

Mostly, that is. For just about every day, living on the University Hill, I pass by some tossed out but perfectly good lamp or mattress or clothes or table or TV (seriously) or gorgeous millable wood from a fallen tree or whatever…stuff too heavy or big I can’t stick in my yellow bikebasket. So I leave it there, it gets tossed out and winds up, forever, cluttering our landfill.

So I think I’m gonna get an elephantmobile. It’ll pick up perfectly good stuff, and either donate it or give it to a friend, or myself (though my house is plenty full; I don’t need much more!). I’m gonna stick a bunch of logos on the side, logos of green companies, and they’ll be the elephantmobile’s sponsors, and get lots of attention on our web site, too, links and thanks and logos and shoutouts and all. Sounds like a plan.

Now I just have to find a vintage but not-too-vintage truck that’ll be gorgeous and tough, both. Hopefully diesel, so I can veggie fuel it.

One half as cool as the cowboy truck pictured above and below, that lives—teasing me each morn and eve when I walk my dog—one block away from my house.

Off to craigslist…

vintage dream truck cowboy


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5 Responses to “Dream Truck.”

  1. Joana Smith says:

    cute idea* I like it, and the truck. I'm sure you'll find one.
    Hey, you could pick up friends and strangers and also throw them in the back!

  2. Tara Worley says:

    I can't wait to see this thing around town, clearly I have always wanted a vintage truck

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Love the Wagoneer. Ca-lassic, just like your art brotherman!

  4. elephantjournal says:

    You'll hafta help me craigslist shop…just search 'vintage pickup' or 'truck' and you'll see some beauts.

  5. swati jr* says:

    perfect. let me know if you need a tail for it….