elephantjournal.com Reviews: Yoga Journal’s B.K.S. Iyengar DVDs.

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on Aug 5, 2009
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Iyengar Yoga

Living Legend.

Though B.K.S. Iyengar has written half a dozen invaluable books on the practice and technique of yoga, nothing compares to seeing the fiery humor and strict discipline of this 80-year-old master in action. Even better than practicing with him in the flesh, this DVD allowed me to fast-forward through lengthy introductions and applause, right to the meat of his teaching. Filmed at a 2005 Yoga Journal Conference and featuring classes taught my two of Iyengar’s famous students, Patricia Walden and Manouso Manos, this five DVD set kindled an appreciation for proper alignment in both simple and difficult poses

~review via Heather Mueller. elephant journal, Autumn 2007.

Elephant Journal, Fall 2007


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