August 15, 2009

Feminism has never been so…pink.

It’s…the Sprockettes. Stars of New Belgium’s Tour de Fat!

Not my speed, if my mom or sis were in the troupe I’d be as embarrassed as I was proud…but love that they use bikes, amazing hoola hoopin, great songs (MIA, etc) and humor to get across their deliciously enigmatic message.

“The Sprockettes are the Pacific Northwest’s Synchronized all gal mini bike precision dance troupe.They will amuse and amaze you like no others. The Sprockettes interests include mini bikes, hot pink and black sparks, hotties, danceable music, feminism, radicalism, DIY stuff, cable access.”

My fave, the next two are pretty impressive. Sprockettes Hula Hoop and Fire Set at Tour de Fat (PDX):

Did we already see this one?

Bonus, the Sprockettes foil a bike theft!

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