August 31, 2009

Free Therapy? At your local Farmers’ Market.

Reason #78 I love the Farmers’ Market: live music & children & dancing.

The other day I was down, and out, overworked and underpaid, my pickup had done broke down and my girl’d  packed up and left me. My dog had died, and the man from the bank had gone and repossessed my family home.

Okay, okay, only half of that is true, and don’t worry, the worst one couldn’t be further from the truth: Redford is alive and well, though he’d like a walk like one hour ago, thank you very much.

Anyways, I was down, tired, grouchy. Somehow, I made it to the Farmers’ Market, which I like to call free eco therapy, and pretty soon I was spending my last 10 dollars on a local beer and I was dancing with a lovely lady and tossing a bunch of children about, when they weren’t pulling on my legs.

And, I was listening to my favorite band this side of Paper Bird: the Dovekins.

When I wasn’t huffing and puffing like a half-baked Scottish fool across the “dance floor,” I was snapping shaky iPhone photos. Enjoy:

[galleria thumb_w=120 thumb_h=90 thumbnail=”bottom” navigation=’none’ ]

Note, Genny of Paper Bird was guest-crooning in place of Laura Goldhamer.

Later that night we all met up for dinner at the Mountain Sun, and I came away reinspired. Kids are getting cooler. In my college days, 15 years ago, hipsters hardly existed, no one biked anywhere and folk music was anything but hip.

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