Get Wet in the Dark.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 26, 2009
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water sprinkler boulder day waste

Be Green, Save Green

Water between 8 and 8, and you’re losing 50% to evaporation. Solution? Set your sprinklers to water at night.

water sprinkler bad day

Here in Boulder, our budget might be getting cut (we’re talking about closing a library branch, even, which mainly hurts children and poorer citizens), we think we’re green as all get out…but we still like to toss water, a supposedly precious resource, into the air over our parks every shiny hot day.

Want to save water, and some dollars and sense? Set your sprinklers to drip or spray at midnight or so, and the water will soak allllll niiiiight loooong. Your plants will thank you.

water columbia cemetery

With thanks for the reminder to The Good Human. Photos below via my iPhone, taken in Columbia Cemetery behind my house. It was hot, and though the iPhone makes everything look puny, the sprinklers were evvvverywhere.

WATER boulder


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3 Responses to “Get Wet in the Dark.”

  1. Andrew Armiger says:

    Ever since I have lived here, it has confounded me how Boulder (esp. the public works) is so wasteful with watering during midday hours.

  2. suze says:

    people don't realize that watering in the dark is no good, either….that's when the molds and such are most prone to cause plant problems. Even better solution: Plant that which does NOT need water. Think natives. Lots of native wildflowers are gorgeous and conserve water….

  3. felixbodhi says:

    I've read from another source that watering in the middle of the night promotes bacterial and fungal growth that can be damaging to lawns. They suggested watering in the early morning. I was thinking about 5am.