How to pack a Healthy, Green Lunch Box.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 23, 2009
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green lunch box to go ware

Video. With Chef Ann Cooper, ft in The New Yorker, for Whole Foods.

Ann Cooper‘s been one of my idols since I read about her work, in my fave magazine The New Yorker, to reintroduce real live actual food into the public schools in Berekeley, California. She’s since been hired to reform our school lunches out here in Boulder, Colorado.

While you’re at it, use to-go ware or click here for what to pack your lunch box in.



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7 Responses to “How to pack a Healthy, Green Lunch Box.”

  1. "Waylon… Did you know that the Farmers' Market is now working with Ann Cooper and the School Lunch project? They are going to reveive 5% of our proceeds from our Cornucopia of Local market- the Saturday before Thanksgiving in the Boulder Outlook Hotel lobby…"

  2. Aw shucks — how's about 15% off for elephant folk? Use TGW15 at checkout @

  3. rivercook says:

    Gee, gosh, golly…Perhaps Chef Ann should be heard but not seen unless she gets a good coach. Her uptight presentation freaks me out. I've been following Chef Ann since she was the chef at the elite Ross School in the Hamptons. How well did she do in Berkeley? Any reports on her success/fail there? Her ambitions need to be collectively pursued with others who share her better school food views. There is a school chef in New York named Chef Bobo who has been very successful in his better school food attempts. His personality and demeanor is a bit warmer and friendlier than Chef Ann and the kids respond to him and the food follows. It's not so much what she says but – how she says it. Diagnosis: Intention A, Presentation C-

  4. […] access to organic and healthy foods. is proud to be co-sponsor, along with Chef Ann Cooper and BVSD School Food Project, a screening of HERE WE […]

  5. I've seen her in a bunch of situations now and she's been charming, warm, tough, and surrounded by fans always…perhaps she's better in person! I think she's having good success here in Boulder, though the industry is fighting back on her cutting of fatty chocolate milk.

  6. Suburban Homesteader says:

    Lots of kids are not allowed to bring peanut butter or other nuts to school.

  7. Suburban Homesteader says:

    Tuna does not seem like an environmentally sensitive food to be encouraging kids to eat.